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In order to ensure our future existence, we fled to the ark when the monsters attack us. How could we have known this ark would become our coffin!? I don't know...Maybe it was our destiny. Perhaps it was all decided from the start.


Sado is a Celestial who died during the Ark of Yamato genocide centuries before the events of Ōkami. His spirit remains within the Ark of Yamato since then until the concluding events of Amaterasu's journey.



An untold time before the events of Ōkami (at least more than 200 years), Sado resided on the Celestial Plain, alongside all other Celestials and Celestial Brush gods. However, one day, disaster struck as True Orochi and its endless legion of demons suddenly came flying across the sea of stars and ravaged the Celestial Plain. For the future existence of the Celestials to be ensured, Waka evacuated them aboard the Ark of Yamato to escape the destruction of the Celestial Plain. However, not long after setting sail, the Celestials were ambushed by another legion of countless demons, rising from the depths of the ark, led by Yami. The demons massacred the Celestials, and the Ark of Yamato lost its rudder, plummeting down to the mortal realm and crashed into Laochi Lake.


200 years later, after the Ark of Yamato had been released from the perpetual ice of Laochi Lake, Amaterasu boarded the vessel and meet the four remaining spirits of the Celestials inside. The third spirit met is Sado, and he informed Amaterasu of the Celestial Plain's destruction and the Ark of Yamato genocide. He also urges Amaterasu to quickly save Waka and destroy the darkness ahead.


Sado has the iconic appearance of a Christian angel. He has a white toga, lush golden hair, wings on his head and a halo. He lacks the golden rings around his ankles, a feature belonging to females of this race.

Not much is known about Sado's personality, but what could be implied is that he show great sorrow and grief when regarding to the Ark of Yamato cenocide. He also believes that the events of True Orochi's attack on the Celestial Plain and the Ark of Yamato genocide had all been predicted by the Moon Tribe, and his fate, alongside all of the Celestials, had been defined from the start. Even so, he expresses gratitude towards Waka despite that he brought forward the Celestial's on demise.