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Ryoshima Coast, or Southern Ryoshima Coast (「両島原」?; Ryōshima-bara; twin islands' plain), is a location in Ōkami and Ōkamiden. Always occupied by a massive cursed zone during Amaterasu and Chibiterasu's first visits, they must clear the darkness away in order to explore the coast.


In Ōkami and Ōkamiden, Amaterasu and Chibiterasu visits this wide and beautiful coast after defeating Orochi and Bullhead respectively. It is a large landscape that they cross multiple times with mountainous areas further inland. The coast also harbors a beach connecting to the large ocean, which holds many visitors in different areas as well as secrets, sunken boats, and even rampaging gods. Up in the cliffs lies Ankoku Temple, which serves as Rao's main headquarters, despite her lack of attention for the temple. South of the temple lies the Moon Turret and Lunar Lagoon, the latter of which holds the haunted Sunken Ship.


Obtained items[]




Stray Beads[]

  • #41: Found in a treasure chest on top of the Sunken Ship (not inside it).
  • #42: Obtained from the Animal lover when his pet rabbit Inaba is brought to him. The rabbit is found near the entrance to Sei'an City, among a group of other rabbits, but distinguished from the others by its black and white fur color.
  • #43: Obtained in the rocky ground just outside the Dojo after learning Digging Champ.
  • #44: Obtained after clearing the Devil gate trial cave.
  • #45: Obtained from Hayate after defeating him in a race for the third time.


  • In the waters of Ryoshima Coast lies the most prominent feature of the area: two rocky stacks connected by a shimenawa, an obvious reference to the famous scenery of Meoto Iwa at Japan's Mie prefecture, Futami town.
    • This fact is reflected in the area's very name: "Ryōshima" (「両島」?; りょうしま) literally means "twin islands".[1]
    • In addition to this, all the other rocky islands in the sea appear in pairs (with each pair being two peaks of a single rocky outcrop). This is most noticeable on the map.
  • In Ōkami, Ryoshima Coast is the largest area in all of Nippon when the southern and northern halves are put together.
  • Upon meeting the sailor by the stairs to Ankoku Temple as Chibiterasu only, he would say that he is relieved that he survived the Water Dragon's attack to the Goryeo.
  • In the distance, you can see a faint silhouette of Oni Island.