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Ryo is one of the two actor demons that have taken over the Playhouse, his partner being Sen. He is indirectly fought by Chibiterasu and Kagu when they face the giant mechanical doll, Renjishi. As stated by an actor at the Playhouse, he, like his stage partner Sen, was once human but his dreams of becoming a well-known actor were never realized[citation needed]. Once he had died, his resentful spirit became a demon much like King Fury, and all were later unknowingly infused with the evil essence of Yami.

Ryo is first mentioned when Chibiterasu and Kagu arrive at the playhouse, though he is only named as a demon by the humans and as their master by the demons. He only makes an appearance right before the battle against him and his partner Sen, when the two try to take the stage in order to perform their play. Chibiterasu and Kagu then fight the duo and their mechanical doll Renjishi, defeating the two actors for good. Just before they die, they mourn the fact that they could not live up to King Fury's expectations, this being the first time his name is mentioned.


  • Ryo's original Japanese name, "Man ryō", refers to an old Japanese currency unit.
  • Ryo is designed in the motif of a tortoise, a symbol commonly known throughout East Asia as a representation of 10,000 years longevity.
  • In the Playhouse's prop room, there is a broken shell requiring Rejuvenation to be restored; this shell is very similar to Ryo's.

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