Rosary that uses divine light to guide lost souls to the right path.

in-game description
The Resurrection Beads (「死返玉」?; Makarugaeshi no Tama) is the fourth Rosary to be obtained in Ōkami. It is also the second most powerful, the Tundra Beads being the strongest. It is depicted as a two-layer blue-colored Rosary with a swirling purplish color on each bead. When equipped, it constantly moves one after each layer. When equipped as a sub, it shoots all its beads at once in a spread-patterned, shotgun-like projectile attack (like the Life Beads) instead of shooting them one at a time like other Sub-Rosaries. This type of projectile attack, however, takes longer to recharge the beads to be fired again.


Resurrection Beadsingame

Resurrection Beads equipped by Amaterasu in Ōkami

The Resurrection Beads can be purchased from the merchant in Wep'keer and Kamiki Village (100 years ago).


  • The ghostly spiral shape of this rosary's beads is the common depiction of souls in Japanese culture, and is also a reference to the onibi (鬼火), a similar phenomenon to the will-o'-the-wisp.

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