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Renjishi is a boss encountered in Ōkamiden. He is a giant mechanical doll that is piloted at first by Sen, then Ryo and lastly, the two of them together. During the three-phase fight against him, Chibiterasu can count on the help of Kagu. There are actually two forms of Renjishi: a red one piloted by Sen (pictured above) and a white one piloted by Ryo. The two can fuse into a combination form with a lizard mask.



After Kagu and Chibiterasu have successfully freed all the stagehands in the Playhouse from demonic possession, the demon's play begins orchestrated by the two demon actors Sen and Ryo. When the duo engages the demons, they must face the giant mechanical doll Renjishi.

Bestiary Entry[]

"A gigantic puppet used by actors in their stage performances, it had the misfortune to
become possessed by the spirits of Sen and Ryo.
It's dance-like sweeping movements are actually dangerous to behold.
Only a miko has the power to bring this oversized contraption solace."


Renjishi uses his hands to attack Chibiterasu both directly and by conjuring up a whirlwind, getting stronger with every phase of the three phased fight. In each phase Chibiterasu has to drain all of Renjishi's HP. Doing so however requires that him uses Kagu's powers when the doll gets weakened and looses it's color in order to first purify the spots and then connect them with the Celestial Brush in the correct order. If he fails to do so in time, Renjishi will recover all HP lost since the last time he lost color.

The third phase is special in that Renjishi will first knock Kagu out and snatch her away from Chibiterasu, placing her on his shoulders. Chibiterasu must then first stun the doll by using Inferno or Cherry Bomb on its scarred hands and climb up its arm to retrieve Kagu before he can continue to damage the foe. After Kagu is snatched away the first time, Chibiterasu then can be able to dodge Renjishi's snatches.

One possibility in this fight is to use the recently acquired Inferno, seeing how a set of candles is present. However, Renjishi does not appear to have a particular weakness to this technique.

At the near end of the game, Chibiterasu will only re-battle the last phase of Renjishi. The strategy goes as follows except that Chibiterasu now wielding Galestorm, is able to disperse Renjishi's whirlwinds. Another helpful move for this battle is Fireburst. Using it on the puppet's hands and face does siginificant damage.



  • Fitting for the location of his boss battle, Renjishi resembles the kind of doll used in traditional Japanese plays.
  • The mask Renjishi wears resembles the make-up worn by the performers of Kabuki theater.