The Red Wildfire (「赤鬼火」?; Aka-onibi) is a type of minor demon encountered in Ōkamiden. It belongs to the Wildfire category of demons, among its blue and green brethren.


The Red Wildfire is first encountered in the Demon market, wandering the paths of the place. The Red Wildfire is depicted as a crimson sphere of fire, approximately the size of a fist. On the front of the sphere is a grinning pitch-black mouth with two fangs on the upper lip, and above the mouth is a typical oni horn with an ivory color.


Red Wildfires are born from the anger of merchants killed by their unhappy customers, but some of them continue their profession after death. They have good intentions, but burn those they touch. The Witch Queen prefers them as her favorite food, and she regains health as she devours them.[1]

Bestiary entryEdit

  1. "The personified anger of merchants murdered by dissatisfied customers that have
    become burning embers of eternal despair.
    These spirits run around, as if they are still hawking their wares.
    Despite these good intentions, their flames burn all who touch them.
    They are a favorite snack of the Witch Queen."


The Red Wildfire is normally idle and will wander around in a slow pace, but if Chibiterasu enters its vicinity, it will emit the sound of a roaring fire, and rushes towards him with surprising speed. Dispel it with Divine Instruments (most recommended the Rosary and Providence Crystal for their range) or Celestial Brush techniques, specifically Power Slash, Galestorm and Waterspout, though to increase efficiency in repelling the Red Wildfire, their Secret Celestial Brush techniques upgrades are recommended. While Whirlwind will dispel any of these demons should they come close to Chibiterasu, Splash will extinguish any that are within the camera range, as long as the downpour last. Should his attacks' range are good enough, Chibiterasu can also kill the demons without them noticing him. Another solution for the Red Wildfire is to simply outrun it, though a chasing demon has a surprising speed, and most of the time, multiple Wildfires are encountered, possibly injuring Chibiterasu or obscuring his escape route. If a Red Wildfire is killed, like all other minor demons, it will release either Ink Pots or Rice Balls.


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