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Well, wolf, I guess you can see me. I'm the Lightning Ghost, Raiden.


Raiden is a ghost who can be found at night in Sei'an City's Commoner's Quarter. He can be found beside the canal outside Mr. Chic's shop, between the willow trees. Mrs. Fan, Mr. Chic's wife, tells Amaterasu about him and how their customers doubt he really exists. However, despite everyone's fears, Raiden is actually peaceful and quite lonely;[1] he would be quite grateful if Amaterasu talks to him. He tells her that he died from being struck by lightning,[2] which is the source of his electrical discharge. If Amaterasu uses him as a source for Thunderstorm, he is happy to find a new use for his powers[citation needed].



When first encountered it appears that he might be part of a side quest to make him feel at peace being a ghost, however it turns out that he enjoys being one even though it is lonely. Using Thunderbolt on him makes him feel temporarily happier. Talking to him will not reveal any information about events that are happening. His only real function is to be a source of electricity in a racing minigame with Hayazo after Amaterasu returns from Oni Island.


Raiden remains at his exact location in Ōkamiden, and introduces Spirit Floors to Chibiterasu. He is used by Chibiterasu to save a man who passed out on the street. Raiden then says he is happy to save a life, and fades away, presumingly going to heaven.


As a ghost, Raiden's skin is a pale blue. He has a yellow thunderbolt on his head along with other electrical discharges coming from his body. He wears a black robe having thunderbolt designs with a black and white belt, tied into an ornamental knot. As a ghost, Raiden does not have feet like a living person, but instead his lower body trails off as a ghostly appendage. His head is balding on the top and has a hitaikakushi on his forehead.


  • "Raiden" can be written with the kanji "雷電", which mean "lightning"[3] and "electricity"[4] respectively. "Raiden-sama" is also an alternate name for Raijin, the kami of thunder and lightning, whose usual representation resembles the large sword-holding statue on Oni Island (the halo that surrounds him is comprised of the drums that are used to create thunder).
  • While Raiden's name in the English version is an allusion to a Japanese word for lightning, in the Japanese version Raiden's name is 三太 which is read as サンダ, an allusion to the English word "thunder".
  • Raiden is a yūrei, a type of ghost in Japanese folklore.


  1. "It's great being a ghost. I never hunger, I never tire, and I'm invincible... 'course, no one can see, and therefore it gets lonely sometimes, but it's still great."—Raiden (Ōkami)
  2. "You know, wolf, I was struck by lightning... that's how I died."—Raiden (Ōkami)
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