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Otohime (オトヒメ, "Princess Oto"), later called Queen Oto, is the ruler of the Dragon Palace.


Amaterasu will first meet her at the Dragon Palace.Initially, Amaterasu and Issun need her help to control the rampaging Water Dragon that swims in the ocean off the coast of North and South Ryoshima as the Water Dragon alone has the ability to break the magical seal surrounding Oni Island, where the demon Ninetails resides.

Otohime says that she requires the Dragon Orb to control the beast, and sends Amaterasu and Issun inside the Dragon itself to retrieve it. Upon retrieving the Orb, the duo is ambushed by a skulk of Tube Foxes, and gains the Fox Rods after defeating them. However, they barely escape before the Dragon dies (perhaps as a result of removing the Orb) and its corpse sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

Upon returning to the Dragon Palace to deliver the news, it is revealed that the Water Dragon was the altered form of Otohime's husband, King Wada. Otohime is also able to become a dragon by praying to the Dragon Orb - revealing its true purpose - and takes action upon sensing the death of Queen Himiko. She travels to Watcher's Cape at sunset after Himiko's crystal ball pinpoints the location of Oni Island, where she transforms into the new Water Dragon by consuming the orb, and manages to break the barrier so that Amaterasu and Issun can pass.

Once the ordeal at Oni Island is over, Otohime returns to her palace and takes the throne as Queen Oto. If Amaterasu and Issun return to speak to her after the defeat of Ninetails, the new queen eventually reveals that she is bearing the departed King's unborn child and bestows a Stray Bead out of joy and gratitude.





  • At the entrance door of the Dragon Palace, a picture of two seahorses resembling Otohime and King Wada can be seen .

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