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Queen Himiko
Queen of Sei'an City Himiko
Gender Female
Race Human
Location Himiko's Palace
Ark of Yamato (spirit)
Appearances Ōkami
Background music Anger Towards God
Queen Himiko's Sorrow
Benevolent Amaterasu... I, Himiko, the ruler of Sei'an City, offer my most sincere apologies.


Queen Himiko (「女王卑弥呼」?; Jo-ō Himiko) is the ruler of Sei'an City and Ryoshima Coast in general. The successor of the Emperor[1], she is a member of the Yamatai Clan[2] and uses her family heirloom, the Crystal Ball, to predict the future.


Queen Himiko has long, black hair, pale skin, and appears in a heavily decorated kimono. The kimono she dons is white with a red belt, and it is under a heavy blue and red robe, with long sleeves and a long tail that touches the ground. She wears a red headband and a hat which has a white disc on fire on the very top of it.


Queen Himiko, although originally viewed by Issun as an incompetent and coward-like leader, is later shown as a ruler who truly cares for the people in her city. She, unable to help her people, chose to pray deep in her palace instead, doing all she could to try and set them free from the horrible curse.


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  • "But you are right. It was rude of me to hide my face from you."
  • "I, Himiko, will not allow this evil to darken Sei'an."
  • "My prayers will not cease until we are rid of this curse!"
  • "Prayers are our only hope."
  • "Will you hear my request? The request of all my people?"
  • "Oh Amaterasu! You are truly benevolent!"



  • Himiko is the only character in Ōkami to be completely invulnerable against any of Amaterasu's attacks and tackling. She is shielded by a divine force rather than elusively evading it like Waka and Shiranui.
    • Queen Himiko is one of the very few characters in the entire Ōkami series to have their names in the original Japanese versions written not in katakana, but entirely kanji. Naturally, this signifies that Queen Himiko bears a strong cultural relevance and importance.
  • Queen Himiko could be named after the Japanese shaman queen Himiko, the ruler of Yamataikoku during the 3rd century. If this is true, then the year of Ōkami's setting would be 248 AD.


  1. "The Emperor:
    The former Emperor that used to govern Sei'an City before Queen Himiko. He was cursed by a demon and ended up spreading a poisonous mist over the city. The true Emperor is a warm and kind person. His hobby is collecting Demon Fangs.
    Ōkami Official Complete Works, page 51.
  2. "My family, the Yamatai Clan, has ruled Sei'an City forever."—Himiko (Ōkami)