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The Providence Crystal (「森羅万晶」?; Shinra Banshō) is a Divine Instrument that is used by both Chibiterasu and Dark Chibiterasu. It is unique from all other classes of Divine Instruments, because the Providence Crystal is a weapon of its own type. It appears as two light blue crystals, each tied in the middle with a shimenawa, one placed on each side of Chibiterasu or Dark Chibiterasu. This weapon is unlocked by completing Ōkamiden.

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Providence Crystal icon


The Providence Crystal is capable of launching the two crystals in a spiralling formation towards a target. The crystal shots can be of the elements of neutral, fire, ice or lightning, the elements cycling from one to another when the attack button is held. All elements deal massive damage to any targets, but the damage output of each element slightly varies between each other, with lightning dealing the most damage, while fire and ice's damage outputs are inferior. The Providence Crystal's projectiles, when shot, can avert their own flight course to home on targets, and the projectiles themselves can pierce through targets, damaging multiple opponents at once. The Providence Crystal, however, is the Divine Instrument with the longest time for an attack: when launching a pair of crystals, Chibiterasu has to rear up, then release the crystal projectiles; he is also immobilized for a split second after launching the attack (during the attack animation, Chibiterasu is vulnerable to attacks). The crystals has the default shots not assigned to any elements, so to deal damage efficiently, Chibiterasu has to charge the crystals each time he attacks. Additionally, due to its high damage output and long attack animation, it cannot combo. Aside from these setback, the Providence Crystal is the most preferred Divine Instrument for Chibiterasu to use, due to its high damage output, effectiveness against elemental demons, accuracy, and versatility in range of attacks.

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Attacking with Providence Crystal


  • The Providence Crystal is the only Divine Instrument in Ōkamiden that cannot be upgraded.
  • The Providence Crystal is the only weapon wielded by an antagonist that can be obtained for usage (Ninetails' Ninestrike cannot be obtained).
  • The Providence Crystal may be based from the theology, Divine providence. "Divine Providence" is a title of a god, referring to their continuous upholding the existence and natural order of the universe, and "special providence", which refers to the god's extraordinary intervention in the life of people, fulfilling the meaning of "Providence" in the Providence Crystal's description, as it "contains the whole of nature" and utilizes elemental forces.
  • The Providence Crystal's name is a pun on 森羅万象 (Shinra Banshō), a Japanese term meaning "the whole of creation," which is reinforced by the Instrument's description.
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