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Princess Fuse is the priestess of the Gale Shrine and lives near its entrance above Kusa Village. She is also the widow of Yatsu, the previous priest and caretaker of the Eight canine warriors.



When Amaterasu first entered Kusa Village, it was under a strange curse that drained away her ink, sapping away her divine powers. The curse was broken after Amaterasu freed Princess Fuse from the influence of a Blue imp. Restored to her normal self as a loving and beautiful woman, Princess Fuse informed the Sun Goddess of the Canine Warriors, their disappearance, and their lack of response to her summoning, and gave Amaterasu the Canine Tracker in hopes of finding them. Five of the Canine Warriors were still somewhere in Kusa Village; the last three had dispersed to other regions of Nippon and refused to return, but entrusted their Satomi Power Orbs to Amaterasu.

The remaining five orbs also transferred to Amaterasu when she returned to Princess Fuse, who told Issun that the Power Orbs have chosen Amaterasu as their master. The eight Power Orbs unlocked the entrance to the Gale Shrine; when Amaterasu fought Crimson Helm deep inside the shrine, they effectively granted her negation of damage for eight enemy attacks that connected.

After the defeat of Orochi, Princess Fuse reorganized her remaining Canine Warriors into a new group, the "Kusa Five", and trained them inside the caverns of the Gale Shrine. On one occasion, Amaterasu is asked to do battle with them to test their combat skills, warning that they are "ten times as powerful as Orochi".[1] If Amaterasu accepted this challenge, the three wayward members of the Canine Warriors would also be encountered during the second phase of the battle. Princess Fuse explained this afterward by saying that the Canine Warriors are always together in spirit[citation needed].


After her purpose of protecting the Power Orbs was fulfilled and with Crimson Helm dead, Princess Fuse and the five remaining Canine Warriors moved to Sei'an City, where they took up a life of acting in the newly-constructed Playhouse. It was here that Chibiterasu encountered her as well as the Canine Warriors. She was held captive by the demons that were lead by the demon actor duo, Sen and Ryo, who had taken over the Playhouse in hopes of acting a play that would never be forgotten, at the cost of the audience's souls. After they were defeated, she and the Kusa Five could be found in the Playhouse for the remainder of the game, preparing for a play.


  1. "The Kusa 5 is at least 10 times more powerful than Oroch}!!!"—Princess Fuse (Ōkami)

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