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Princess Fuse
Princess Fuse
Princess Fuse
Gender Female
Race Human
Location Kusa Village and Gale Shrine(Ōkami)
Playhouse (Ōkamiden)
Family Yatsu (husband; deceased)
Appearances Ōkami
Speaking of the priest, Princess Fuse is quite admirable! It's long been their family's duty to protect the shrine, you know. Though all alone now, she still perseveres, shedding nary a tear. It's a shame no one does anything to help her out, don't you think?

—Well Woman

Princess Fuse (「フセ姫」?; Fuse-hime) is the priestess of the Gale Shrine and lives near its entrance above Kusa Village. She is also the widow of Yatsu, the previous priest and caretaker of the Eight canine warriors.


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  1. "The Kusa 5 is at least 10 times more powerful than Orochi!!!"—Princess Fuse (Ōkami)