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Praise (「幸」?; 「さち」, sachi; happiness, fortune[1]) is the source of Amaterasu and Chibiterasu's power. Without it, they, along with the other gods, are rendered powerless. Praise is the faith of humanity, and also when acquired, is the source of telling the Gods that they believe in them. It can be earned by completing sidequests and minigames, restoring nature, feeding animals, or blooming clovers. When Amaterasu and Chibiterasu have accumulated enough praise, they can use it to increase their life, ink pots, purse size, or gain another Astral Pouch (the later two apply to Amaterasu only). After they have the maximum amount of any of the choices, they can no longer increase that choice, and the amount carries over to the New Game+. Also, for every additional unit of praise earned, 1000 Yen is gained. When the limit on the amount of praise that can be received is exceeded, the extra praise is also converted into Yen (only in Ōkami).

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