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Pot Tanuki
Appearances Ōkamiden
First encountered Moon Cave (9 months before Ōkamiden; during events of Ōkami)
Attack method Jumping
Weapon(s) Pot
Floral Finisher N/A
The Pot Tanuki (「隠狸」?; Kakure-danuki) is a minor demon encountered in Ōkamiden. It is the strengthened version of the Pot Fox.


The Pot Tanuki is first encountered in the Moon Cave nine months prior to Ōkamiden. It fights in a similar manner as the Pot Fox, but its pot is sturdier and cannot be opened with attacks; it must rather be opened by tying it to a Konohana Blossom using Vine, thereby exposing the demon to standard attacks. It is a pot with a tanuki's tail poking out one end and a hook on the lid. Its eyes become visible when the pot is open, and are more lopsided than those of the Pot Fox.


The Pot Tanuki was originally an unused pot, until it had feelings of abandonment and slowly became a demon. It enjoys causing trouble, but it can be dissuaded by revealing its face, which causes it great embarrassment and forces it to run away. A Pot Tanuki that once took up habitat in a human's home was removed by the local villagers, who tied a rope around it to pull it out of the house. The lid fell from the pot, causing the Pot Tanuki to ashamedly run away.[1]

Bestiary entry

  1. "An unused pot that felt abandoned, and eventually transformed into a demon.
    It likes to cause trouble wherever it can, but removing its lid and revealing
    its true face will cause it to run and hide with shame.
    A long time ago, a Pot Tanuki took to living in a human's house.
    The owner's tried in vain to remove this stubborn creature from the premises.
    The villagers tied a rope around the pot and started to drag it out of the house.
    The lid fell off and the tanuki's face popped out.
    Embarrassed by showing itself to the world, it ran away quickly and hid in shame."


Rather than the Pot Fox's strategy of beating the lid of the pot, the Pot Tanuki's pot must be opened by linking it to a Konohana Blossom using Vine. Once it is opened, it can be easily killed with Divine Instruments, such as the Providence Crystal, and offensive Celestial Brush techniques. Similarly to the Pot Fox, the Pot Tanuki will run away and eventually disappear once its pot is opened. If it does manage to vanish, it will drop no Rice Balls or Ink Pots.


  • The tanuki (狸), more accurately known as the Japanese raccoon dog, is a common creature in Japanese folklore. The bake-danuki (化け狸), a tanuki yōkai, is said to have similar powers to the kitsune, such as shape-shifting and the possession of humans.
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