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Pot Fox
Appearances Ōkamiden
First encountered Five-Story Pagoda
Attack method Contact
Weapon(s) Pot
Floral Finisher N/A

The Pot Fox (「隠狐」?; Kakure gitsune; hidden fox) is a minor demon encountered in Ōkamiden.


The Pot Fox is first encountered in the Five-Story Pagoda, where it hops about in some hallways. It becomes very cowardly when its shell is opened, running away and eventually disappearing if it is not quickly killed. It is a metal pot about the size of Chibiterasu with a tail poking out of one end. When the pot is open, all that can be seen of the fox is its eyes. It is likely related to the Pot Tanuki.


While the Pot Fox is a fox spirit trapped in a pot, it can become a normal pot whenever it wishes. It prefers, however, to surprise humans by jumping up and attacking them. A monk was apparently the first to discover that the pot was possessed, and he forced the pot to open and caused the fox to run away by giving the pot a strong slap.[1]

Bestiary entry

  1. "A stubborn fox spirit trapped inside a steel pot.
    It lashes out at anything it sees in a jealous rage.
    It can become a normal pot at will, but it enjoys popping out and surprising humans.
    A long time ago, a monk realized the true nature of the pot and slapped it hard.
    This forced the fox to pop out its head and run away."


The Pot Fox can not immediately be damaged, as it first must have its pot knocked open. A single hit of the Providence Crystal, a single offensive Celestial Brush technique, or a few hits of another Divine Instrument will open it, and the same number of the used method will kill it. The Pot Fox will run away rather than attack after its pot is opened, so it must be attacked quickly before it vanishes. If it is not killed in time, it will drop no Rice Balls or Ink Pots.
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