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This is Ponc'tan, home of the Poncles. It's a secret place that humans can't reach.
Ponc'tan (「ポンコタン」?; Ponkotan; "small village" in Ainu) is a village in Ōkami. It serves as home to the magical race of inch-high beings known as Poncles. Ponc'tan is also Issun's home village. The chief of Ponc'tan is Ishaku.



Ponc'tan is Issun's hometown. He has lived there all his life until his grandfather's strict attitude caused him to flee with one of his grandfather's paintings of Sakuya.

Ponctan art

Artwork of Ponc'tan.


A year after Issun left, Amaterasu visits the village searching for clues of the whereabouts of Lika, an Oina girl. She speaks with the Poncle inhabitants, one of them being Miya. She explains that an Oina girl wandered through the Spirit Gate, and Amaterasu deduces that this girl may be Lika.

Amaterasu also visits her old companion, Ishaku, who traveled with her one hundred years ago while she was at her peak condition and dubbed Shiranui. Ishaku informs Amaterasu of the Celestial Envoy, a Poncle who acts as a holy messenger for the gods. He also explains that her true power is sure to return if the people of Nippon renew their faith for her. When Amaterasu questions Ishaku about his grandson, he denies even having one, obviously still furious with Issun. Eventually, however, he admits that Issun is indeed his grandson and wishes him safe travels.

Notable residents

Obtained items

Divine Instruments

Stray Beads

  • #91: On an elevated lily pad on the left of the Origin Mirror at the entrance; use Vine to reach it.
  • #92: On another elevated lily pad behind Ishaku's house. This one must also be accessed via Vine.
  • #93: After clearing Wawku Shrine, talk to Ishaku to obtain the Stray Bead.


Ponc'tan is derived from the Ainu language pon kotan (ポン コタン) meaning "small village".