This is the to do list for Ōkami Wiki. This page will be updated regularly. If you want to see the pages in need of being made/improved, see Okami Wiki:Editors hub.

To do list

All users

  • Add {{project improve ad}} to all mainspace articles
  • Rewrite the article styles for Demon, Character and Location articles, using {{SUBST:Demon page}} for Demon articles; for Character articles: {{SUBST:Character page}}, {{SUBST:Location page}} for Locations, and then save the page, then fill in the information where it says to.
  • Know a lot about walk throughs? Then please help us cleaning them up!
  • Know a lot about the floral finishers for Ōkamiden demons? Help us fill in this table!


  • Protect all mainspace pages to edit: auto confirm; this is because it will take off 90% of all bad edits
  • Protect all templates
  • Get rid of all red links on the wanted pages; details can be found here.