Please respect these rules when editing. If you spot a vandalized page, please revert it.

Read all the rules pages before editing, just reading one doesn't cut it.

General rules

  • Do not vandalize current articles. Continued vandalism will result in a block
  • Do not bother the bureaucrats for Sysop status on the Wiki, it won't be given to you. If there is a large amount of vandalism needing reverting you may request Rollback status instead.
  • No offensive articles with sexual, vulgar language, or racist remarks.
  • Do not make pointless articles. If you see one, put the Request for Deletion tag on.
  • Please respect neutrality.
  • No advertising.
  • Preview before saving. This is so that if you make a few mistakes, that it doesn't clog up the recent changes.
  • Do not remove your welcome message. Even if you don't find it necessary, it must stay on for documentation purposes to know what time you joined.
  • Be nice. Its the code of conduct!
  • You and your should never be used in an article.
  • When spelling Ōkami and Ōkamiden, put the Ō instead of a O, it is correct spelling. And italicize it too.
  • Do not give warning messages to other users unless an admin says it is okay. Only admins' (and sometimes rollbackers) may give warnings to users.
  • Always categorize a page correctly, and the only page that should appear on the list of uncategorized pages is the editors hub and the Main Page.
  • Do not edit a page just to add spaces. This may result in a block.
  • Please do not revert the admins'—if they seemed to make an mistake, they will revert themselves, but if the mistake has gone unnoticed for an hour, you may revert it.
  • Please do not add ANY information about Chuggaaconroy. ANY information about Chuggaaconroy is not notable and please know that WE ARE NOT THE CHUGGAACONROY WIKI. For example, putting trivia saying "Mr. Orange may be Chuggaaconroy's favorite character" IS NOT NOTABLE, and ANY INFORMATION ADDED ABOUT CHUGGAACONROY WILL BE REMOVED AND USERS WHO ADD IT MAY BE BLOCKED.

Golden rules when adding information on a wiki

  • Get it from a reliable source (i.e. official websites, news articles based off of an official source, etc.)
  • When adding the source you got the information from, be sure to use <ref> tags, and then put a <references/> tag so an error doesn't come up!
  • Fan fiction is NOT allowed unless it states controversy, such as gender controversy. If you want to add fan fiction, PLEASE bring that to the fanon wiki!

Fan art

Before uploading fan art and using it on an article, contact an admin first and if they say its good, then we can use it.

Template use and placement

Note: This section will be stating ground rules for certain templates and their placements.


  • Use this template instead of {{stub}} if the article has more than a paragraph of information and is incomplete
  • If you know what's wrong with the article, please put in a parameter the reason, like this:
{{incomplete|needs=reason here}}
If its a section, put in the first parameter "section".
  • Use this template for stating articles are incomplete; using any other template other than stub (on certain articles) like {{cleanup}} or {{New Content}} or any other template like that is not gonna help others know that the article is incomplete


  • Only use this template if the said article has less than a paragraph of information; use {{incomplete}} if it has more than a paragraph of information and is incomplete.
  • Use this template at the bottom of an article.


  • Only use this template if the article for sure needs an cleanup, not because the article is incomplete; use {{incomplete}} if it needs more information.

Ways to stay Neutral

  • Do not only provide one point of view, but all relevant viewpoints as necessary.
  • Support your article with actual facts.
  • Use a reliable source.

Ways to detect Bias

There are ways to detect if the article is biased. Here's how.

  1. The article only provides one point of view.
  2. Facts that come from the source may be biased.
  3. Does the article lack diversity?
  4. Do the facts in the article have to deal with the article?

Cleaning up Bias

Cleaning up Bias may be difficult, but it can be done.

  1. Gather facts from other perspectives or other points of view.
  2. Make sure your sources are not biased.
  3. Support your facts with valid sources.
  4. Never use user comments.
  5. Make sure your facts deal with the article.

Requests for adminship rules

To become an admin a user must:

  • Have made atleast 100 contributing edits.
  • Have been noticed for their contributions by an admin or a bureaucrat.
  • Be trustworthy enough to become one.
  • Been active on the wiki for a few days/weeks.

So basically, the user has to be noticed by an admin for their contributions, have made a decent amount of good edits, has been trustworthy enough by another user for adminship, and has been active on the wiki for a week or so. The user must not:

  • Made a very small amount of edits.
  • Has received a ban to a certain namespace.
  • Has not been active enough.
  • Been blocked on another wiki/this wiki.
  • Not trustworthy enough with the power.

If a user request for adminship and their edits qualifies under atleast two of the above rules, then they will most likely be ignored for adminship or denied.
The ideal user for an admin is:

  • They have trusted with extra buttons and power.
  • They have not received any warnings or bans.
  • Has been active on the wiki, and edits every day.
  • Has not been blocked on this wiki or any other.
  • Has not put themselves as "in charge" of the wiki.
  • Edits in good faith.
  • Been trusted to edit the main page, and edit any page whether or not its protected.