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Project improve is a project to improve the wiki in phases. Each phase will hopefully be helped by other users of this wiki to improve it. Note that a "Check mark2" in a header of a phase means that the phase is completed; a "X mark2" in a header of a phase means that the phase is not completed.

Check mark2Phase I

This phase is getting rounded corners added to every template. See User:Clubchloe1/Project roundy for info on how to.

Check mark2Phase II

Phase II is for the admins', to get up RSS codes on the not rounded cornered parts of this wikis look rounded.

X mark2Phase III

This phase is changing the style of articles, like this:

For Demons:

A short intro about which games the demon is encountered in, and which category of demons it belongs to.
The demon's first encounter and appearance.
The background story of the demon, extracted from the Bestiary Entry. At an appropriate location (usually at the end of the section), a citation which contains the Bestiary Entry is inserted. And no, the real life legends, folktales, etc don't go here. They belong to the Trivia section.
==Bestiary Entry==
Only <references/> here, acting as a source for the citation in the Background section.
Now, don't pick the old hack'n'slash strategies. The strategy that is prefered heavily relies on farming techniques.
(May or may not be necessary) 
The real legends, folktales, etc that the demon is based on.

(This style of articles is by Tormented Sufferer.)

For Bosses:

A short description in appearances, and majority and importance in story, if possible.
This section only has description on the boss' appearance. The encounter will go into Story, contrary to that of the demons.
Any backstory and history, and the boss' story in-game.
==Bestiary Entry==
We don't use <references/> here. Instead, just the plain entry.
Max on farming, like demons.
Anything that doesn't belong to any other section.

(This style of articles is by Tormented Sufferer.)

For Characters:

A short description of the person. Should contain some of their trends, and/or personality and should include quotes of this character, using the {{quote}} template. This part should use the {{Character infobox}} infobox here.
This should contain their personality
The appearance of the character. Should be at least 2 sentences.
The known information of this person's history
Should have a {{spoiler}} tag here, and a {{spoiler End}} tag here (in the end of section), and should contain what they involve in the story of the games they appear in 
This is if this character appears in both Ōkami and Ōkamiden. This section states what this character has to do in Ōkami with the story
This is if the character appears in both Ōkami and Ōkamiden. This section states what this character has to do with the story in Ōkamiden.
This is optional. If they have any similar characters in Japanese mythology, or is fact they are based on Japanese mythology. Here should cite the sources if you got some for this section of information
Any information that doesn't belong anywhere else in the article goes here.
Here should be the </references> tag. Do not include this section if there is no cites in the article 
==See also==
Should link to the other articles that relate to this character

(This style of articles is by Clubchloe1)

For Locations

A short description for this location, with the connecting locations, and some of the notable landmarks. Should use the {{OkamiLocation}} template.
A ''detailed'' description of this location, with the landmarks, inhabitants, and other stuff.
Should have a {{spoiler}} tag here, then a {{Spoiler End}} tag at the end of the section.
The known history of this place
This is if the location appears in Ōkami. What this location has to do with the plot of Ōkami.
This is if the location appears in Ōkamiden. What this location has to do with the plot of Ōkamiden.
This is if this location has any sidequest/mini games.
Should have a <gallery> tag here. Related pictures of this location.
*Any information that doesn't belong anywhere else in the article goes here.

(This style of articles is by Clubchloe1)

We are still working on other style of articles for other types. Please, if you have any suggestions, please enquire on this pages talk page for other types of styles.

X mark2Phase IV

This phase is getting all images on this wiki transparent. If you are a person that knows how to, then please, do so. This phase is also making summary templates, and the summary must now be in a section, like this:

The summary template here
The licensing template here

If there is no summary template made for whatever picture you are uploading, then please just state in text what the picture is. All images should be converted to PNG file type, and no, re-uploading the image and saving it as PNG does not make it PNG. Also, after this phase, please correctly name images you upload. We are taking this very seriously because how many misnamed files there are. Any of the listed names of an image will not be accepted:

  • Jokes
  • Not related to its topic
  • Random numbers/random letters

If we find images that are named and qualify the above, then we with either move or delete them and the user who uploaded it will be warned. We will enforce this law by blocking users who repeatedly upload images like this.

If you are wondering why PNG's are going to be used instead of JPG's, please refer to Okami Wiki:File extension transition from JPG to PNG.

X mark2Phase V

This phase is going to be done after all other phases are done. This phase is promoting the wiki to appear on Wikia's main page! See User talk:Clubchloe1/Projects to-do list to submit your suggestions for the description, and various other things that you think will make a good impression on readers of it!

How to advertise

Use {{project improve ad}} on the top of an article (this includes all) to advertise that this very wiki is undergoing a major improvement!

To do list

See User:Clubchloe1/Projects to-do list