Wiki-wordmark The leader of Project Red link deletion is Clubchloe1.
Please direct any questions about Project Red link deletion to her.

This project's goal is in a nut shell:
Because of one of our so called "bureaucrats" completely copied and pasted templates from Wikipedia and created many many many red links in the process, we have to cleanup after him.

Project Red link deletion

Note that this page will be saying "I" as it is referring to the leader of this project, Clubchloe1.
Note that this page was originally an blog post.

Project red link deletion logo

Ōkami Wiki is currently undergoing a major red link deleting project, which the admins' will be deleting useless pages that creates tons and tons of red links, getting rid of unnecessary templates, and will getting rid of entries on the wanted pages. Note that this project will be deleting most of those useless templates that one of our so called "bureaucrats" (Soul reaper) copied many many templates from Wikipedia but didn't even take the time to get rid of the red links. The guidelines are here (for deleting templates):

List of steps in this project

1: Check Special:Whatlinkshere

This should always be done before deleting an template. You can easily do this by putting it on your toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Note that if it says next to an link "(transclusion)" the template is being used as an template; do not delete templates that are being transcluded, and delete the template docs instead.

2: Find the source of the link

Note that most red links are from the template docs, not the main template, even if its being linked to on the template page. (This is because the template docs are being used on the main templates, so both the template docs and main templates are seemingly creating red links, but its the template docs that is.)

3: Termination

If you know the source of the red link(s), you may do one of the following if it is one of these:

  1. Delete the template doc/remove all red links (you may do this if the main template is being used) and remove the {{documentation}} template on the main template page, as doing that prevents more red links being created.
  2. Delete the template and the template doc only if the template is not being linked to and is not being used.

Steps in this project (redirects)

1: Check Special:Whatlinkshere

This should always be done before deleting an redirect. You can easily do this by putting it on your toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Note that if it says next to an link "(transclusion)" the redirect is being used as an template; do not delete redirects that are being transcluded/linked to.

2: Clearing it off

If the redirect qualifies one of the following, you may delete following one of the processes below:

  1. If the redirect is not being linked to/used, delete it.
  2. If the redirect is being used and/or being linked to, do not delete it, and if its an double redirect, please fix it and intend it to the place it was meant to be linked to.

How to become an administrator to participate

Becoming an temporary administrator is invitation only. I will promote those who I think are worthy enough to help out with this project.

List of administrators helping out

  1. Clubchloe1 (talkcontribs) Status: Around
  2. Tormented Sufferer (talkcontribs) Status: Active

This list will be updated regularly—if I have not updated it lately, you may edit this page to add your name.

  • A * means they are an temporary administrator
  • ** next to their name means they have helped out with this project sufficiently since they became an temporary administrator and the bureaucrats are considering keeping them as an administrator, but they must wait longer to see if they are worthy.
  • Bold green text means they user is an bureaucrat, and can be considered as one of the leaders of this project.
  • Italic and bold text means the user is the leader of this project, and is the user to ask questions about this project.
  • Pink italic text means the user is a regular administrator, and will keep this status indefinitely unless they go inactive.

Important definitions to learn

These definitions may already be covered on this page but as a reminder they are put here for users to easily find it. This part will be categorized with each definition in separate sections to be able to see and click it in the TOC.


This means that if it is next to a link that the page is using the page as a template. Do not delete pages that are transcluded.

"Transcluded" or "transclusion"

These both have the same meaning explained on the "(transclusion)" section.


  • All users who become an administrator to help out if they have not actually helped out will have their administrator status revoked.
  • Only bureaucrats can make new guidelines for this project.
  • Bureaucrats will be in charge of the actions of this project, and will monitor the deletion log and check to be sure an template is not used.
  • To find the red links, go to Special:Wantedpages and any that are actually not needed you may do the steps above to see if it has use any what not.
  • Some temporary administrators, if they have helped out with this project significantly, may keep their administrator status if they have proven themselves worthy.
  • If there is an red link that is from an old message on an talk page, use {{red link|<red link text>}} to keep the text but still not having it as an entry on the wanted pages.
  • {{red link}} is an VERY important template in this project, and should be used when it can be or on old talk page messages.
  • Please DO NOT use {{red link}} or <includeonly> tags or any other way to get rid of red links on TEMPLATES, and instead let Clubchloe1 handle this.
  • If an template is being used only on one page/very little amount of pages, use the SUBST: prefix on the template, so for example, it would look like this: {{SUBST:red link}} and it would substitute the template code and preserve it so it doesn't break once the template is deleted.
  • The administrators are not on all of the time, so they cannot help out with this all the time, however, there is one administrator who can answer your question easily, that that user is Clubchloe1.
  • There is sometimes double redirects/redirects to templates that are found, and these you should still check what links here on them, as they may be linked to and/or be used; if any are found and you don't know what to do with them, please contact Clubchloe1 and she will answer your question.
  • Administrators that go inactive will have their administrator status revoked and they will have their name crossed out from the list.

For administrators

  • All administrators are expected to do the following steps before deleting an template or their administrator status may be revoked.
  • Please only participate if you have an decent knowledge of templates—you REALLY need to know a lot about templates in order to actually be useful in this project for the fact that most red links are created from templates.


  • Why and how was this project started?

It was originally this comment on my talk page that Iron-Tipped Kane said he wanted to get rid of most of the red links on the wanted pages, and I said we would have to delete/remove all of the templates causing it, then I gave admin rights to Kane to help keep the wiki clean of all of the red links, then on chat with Tormented Sufferer he said it was confusing with guidelines I put on Kane's talk page, so I made this page and made a new project with reworded guidelines.

If you would like more FAQ's to be written, please leave an message on this pages talk page with the question and it will be added as soon as possible.


  • 1/23/13: Okay, so some of the admins' that weren't actually taking this seriously are now and we're getting rid of those red links when we are available—its an REALLY time consuming task, and it gets very very very tedious fast.

Messages from the leader of this project

February 15, 2013

Okay guys, we REALLY need to work on this project more. Yes we all have life outside of the wiki but seriously, we were once working our butts off on this project then all sudden we stop?! God people, get to work. The wanted pages is still filled with TONS unnecessary entries!

Clubchloe1signatureicon Clubchloe1 The ケルディオTalk   X & Y!Sunburn-icon

In conclusion

Thank you everybody who has been helping out, and this page will be updated frequently for more news and notes on how to get rid of those red links.