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Appearances game(s) encountered in
First encountered first encounter's location
Attack method attacks
Weapon(s) weapons used by the demon
Life rating life ratings
Effective weapon(s) effective weapons
Floral Finisher floral finisher
A short intro about which games the demon is encountered in, and which category of demons it belongs to.


The demon's first encounter and appearance.


The background story of the demon, extracted from the Bestiary Entry. At an appropriate location (usually at the end of the section), a citation which contains the Bestiary Entry is inserted. And no, the real life legends, folktales, etc don't go here. They belong to the Trivia section.

Bestiary entryEdit

Only <references/> here, acting as a source for the citation in the Background section.


Now, don't pick the old hack'n'slash strategies. The strategy that is preferred heavily relies on farming techniques. Also, if the demon drops an item when defeated, then put at the end of the part saying "When <insert demon name here> is defeated, it will drop <insert item dropped>" and if it has different forms, it would be "When the <insert demon form name here> is defeated, it will drop <insert item dropped from this form>, while the <insert demon form name here> will drop a <insert item dropped from this form>." An example of this structure is on the Gashadokuro article.


(May or may not be necessary)

The real legends, folktales, etc that the demon is based on.
Imps Green ImpRed ImpYellow ImpBlue ImpBlack Imp
Guardians Headless GuardianBell GuardianHalo GuardianExecutioner Guardian
Namahages NamahageBlade NamahageBucket NamahageUmbrella NamahageCannon Namahage
Clay army Clay SoldierClay SamuraiClay DrummerClay FlyerClay Shogun
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Chimera Bud OgreIgloo TurtleChimera
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Crabs JiroSaburo | Ichiro
Bovine Demons Red OgreBlue OgreBull Charger
Miscellaneous Dogu | Bandit Spider | Tube Fox | Evil Rao
Cursed TreeLockjawBlockheadBlocking SpiderPlatform SpiderFlame Spider