This is a list of the important templates to help our wiki improve and grow.


Notice templates for articles

  • Ōkami is an artistic game and our wiki should reflect this. One of our goals is to have at least one image on each page. Pages in need of images should be marked with {{Images wanted}}. Some pages may require numerous images and can also be marked with {{Images wanted}}. Please make sure all images are either official art or taken from within the game itself.

Notice templates for images (on the page of the image)

  • Images that are going to only be used on userpages should be tagged with {{UserImage}}, to prevent them being deleted.
  • If an image does not satisfy you, put {{bad image}} on the image page, and if you have an reason, you can put an reason, like this: {{bad image|<reason here>}}
  • Low quality images should be tagged with {{image improve}}; Please note that if the image has good enough quality but for example, if the image is too small put {{bad image|Too small}}.

Notice templates

Articles needing improvement

  • Ōkami Wiki has many stubs. A stub is a short article that can be expanded with more information on a subject by any user. To mark an article as a "stub" add the code {{stub}} to the bottom of any article. When marking an article as an stub (with the {{stub}} template), it will also be added to Category:Article stubs; Please do not add the {{stub}} if the article has more than a paragraph of information but is incomplete; use {{incomplete}} if it has more. Some articles have sections that require more information, these sections can be marked with {{incomplete|section}}.
  • Many pages may contain errors or maybe poorly written. These pages should be marked with {{Cleanup}} or {{Bad cleanup}} (depending on the circumstances).
  • Some articles need more information but it has a reason as to why it does, these articles should be tagged with {{incomplete|needs=reason here}} and the reason here is the reason as to why it needs more information. If its an section, put {{incomplete|section}} and if you have a reason too, put {{incomplete|section|needs=reason here}}. Please use {{incomplete}} instead of {{stub}} if the article has more than a paragraph of information.

Notices for viewers

  • Ōkami has an in-depth story and some viewers may not have finished the game. To help people avoid reading things they may want to avoid until experiencing it themselves please add {{Spoiler}} to the beginning of sections containing spoilers and {{Spoiler end}} to the end of such sections. ALWAYS TAG THE END OF THE SPOILERS WITH {{spoiler end}}!
  • Ōkami Wiki may contain fan fiction, so before the text with fan fiction, it should be tagged with {{fan fic}}.
  • Articles about something (such as an game) that hasn't released yet should be tagged with {{future notice}} at the top of the article, and when the game has released, remove the notice.


  • Talk pages that are about articles that have their information recently revealed (such as a new game that hasn't released yet) should be tagged with {{talk note}}, to give notices to users that our wiki is not a place to discuss about the topic of a article but how to improve it. Admins' are the only users who may remove the tag on the talk page.


All tables at Ōkami Wiki should use {{roundy table}}'s components to make rounded corner tables. If you see an article that has an table but is not using {{roundy table}}'s components, please correct it by using the components to {{roundy table}} and still keeping the same information that the table previously had too.

Link templates

Main article: Okami Wiki:Link templates

Link templates are pre-made links, to not have to type as much when linking to something. A list of link templates and use is right here:

Please note that this list maybe outdated, or may need some up to date information.
Code Use Example
{{u|<user name>}} Links to a user page without the User: prefix in it {{u|Example}} gives: Example
{{wp|<Wikipedia article name>}} Links to a Wikipedia page without the Wikipedia: prefix on it. {{wp|Example}} gives: Example
{{cat|<category name>}} Links to category page without the Category: prefix in it {{cat|Link templates}} gives: Link templates
{{ow|<Okami Wiki: page name>}} Links to an Okami Wiki: page without the prefix {{ow|Manual of Style}} gives: Manual of Style
{{ro|<section name>}} Links to a section on the Rosary page {{ro|Tundra Beads}} gives: Tundra Beads
{{re|<section name>}} Links to a section on the Reflector page {{re|Solar Flare}} gives: Solar Flare
{{g|<section name>}} Links to a section on the Glaive page {{g|Thunder Edge}} gives: Thunder Edge
{{ut|<User talk: page name>}} Links to a user talk page without the User talk: prefix {{ut|Example}} gives: Example
{{dl|<page name>|<section name>}} Links to a section or anchored section {{dl|Glaive|Thunder Edge}} gives: Thunder Edge
{{wc|<wiki name>|<page name>}} Links to a page on another Wikia wiki. {{wc|skylanders|Bash}} gives: Bash
{{con|<user name>}} Links to a users contributions {{con|Example}} gives: Example
{{tem|<template page name>}} Links to a template page without the Template: prefix {{tem|Example}} gives: Example
{{ps|<page name>|<sub page name>}} Links to a subpage of a page {{ps|Okami Wiki:Link templates|example}} gives: example
{{w|<page name>}} Links to a page on the Communty Central {{w|Category:Help pages}} gives: Category:Help pages
{{walk|<page name>}} Links to a page that has the Ōkami Walkthrough: prefix without the prefix {{walk|Jin and Chu}} gives: Jin and Chu
{{dl2|<section name>}} Links to a section on the page it is used on {{dl2|List of link templates and use}} gives: List of link templates and use
{{demon}} Links to the page demons without having the s in it; for mainly use on demon pages to not link to redirects. {{demon}} gives: demon
{{yen}} Links to the Yen page using the ¥ symbol in the linked text {{yen}} gives: ¥
{{red link|<page name>}} Makes a red link of a page without having it appear in the wanted pages {{red link|Example}} gives: Example
{{dl3|<page name>|<section name>}} Links to a section of a page {{dl3|Okami Wiki:Link templates|List of link templates and use}} gives: Okami Wiki:Link templates
{{ln|<page name>}} Links to an article along with Lechku & Nechku {{ln|Yami}} gives: Lechku, Nechku, and Yami
{{opb|<article name>|<parentheses name>}} Links to an article with a title like this: "Article name (other name)" without the ( and ) {{opb|Namahage|demon category}} gives: Namahage
{{sb|<article name>|<how many stray beads>}} Links to an article name and how many stray beads earned for locations; for use on infoboxes on location articles with stray beads. {{sb|Sei'an City|11}} gives: Stray bead ×11
{{u2|<user name>}} Links to a username and makes the username the regular link color {{u2|Clubchloe1}} gives: Clubchloe1

In conclusion

Use templates to show an article needs some attention or it is incomplete. Always remember to use the right template too. Templates make an article stand out, and some articles need them to gain some attention that it has something wrong with it. Other useful templates can be found at here.