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Administrators are one of the Staff levels of Ōkami Wiki. They are generally the users to ask wiki related questions.

List of administrators

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Clubchloe1 (Chloe) (Inactive) TalkContributions9,123 edits
Board of Bureaucrats member
Template manager

Joined September 2, 2012
Clubchloe1 is the top contributor to Ōkami Wiki. Her top contribution is templates, and has created many. She is an bureaucrat at Ōkami Fanon.
Tormented Sufferer (黒の千本桜/DemonicDemonOfDestiny) (Around) TalkContributions8,704 edits
Administrator (formally bureaucrat)
Content patrol

Joined April 4, 2012
Tormented Sufferer is one of the top contributors to Ōkami Wiki. He is an expert at farming and can complete an demon article and get the bestiary entries and pictures of them easily. He is an administrator at Ōkami Fanon.
Chaujiu (Eri) (Active) TalkContributions211 edits
Community relations

Joined June 6, 2016
Chaujiu is a long-time fan of Ōkami and wants nothing more than to see the game thrive. She is the current resident translator, coming it at N2 on the JLPT scale, and master of lore for Ōkami.
KeldeoBot (Bot) TalkContributions20 edits
Robot Keldeo

Joined December 15, 2012
KeldeoBot is an (soon to be) bot runned by Clubchloe1. KeldeoBot is an administrator at Ōkami Fanon.

Find an Active staff member to speak to. If no active staff member can be found, consider finding an Around staff member.

  • Active means the user is currently around on the wiki, and edits and checks it often
  • Around means the user is around, but works on other projects more or can't edit here often due to something occurring in real life
  • Hiatus means the user is inactive, but will return later
  • Bot means the user is an bot, and the user running the bot will be noted on the bots biography. It is advised to not try to contact these users, and instead contact the user running the bot.
  • Unknown means it is unknown of the status of the user
  • Inactive means the user is inactive and may not be for a very long time


Administrators have higher power of those below level than themselves, however, bureaucrats are mostly in charge of the wiki. They have the power to give other users chat moderator status. Bureaucrats have additional abilities, more than a regular administrator. A list of an regular administrator abilities is here:

  • Delete pages, restore and view the histories of deleted pages.
  • Block (or ban) users
  • Edit any page (including the main page)
  • Protecting pages
  • An instant roll back of edits not made in good faith

Becoming an administrator

For you to become an administrator, you MUST be qualified under these criteria:

  • Have made atleast 100 contributing edits.
  • Have been noticed for their contributions by an admin or a bureaucrat.
  • Be trustworthy enough to become one.
  • Been active on the wiki for a few days/weeks.
  • Edit in good faith

If you do not qualify under those above rules, then your request for adminship will be denied.

A bureaucrat will decide whether or not you are trustworthy, you have made contributing edits, and if you edit in good faith. If there are no active bureaucrats, or a bureaucrat doesn't respond to your request, then an regular admin will decide, then try to find a way to contact the most recently active bureaucrat.

If you want admin powers for rollback status, you may request that instead of adminship.