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Oina are native people from the land of Kamui. They have the unique ability to change into wolf forms, and also have enhanced senses. For some reason, they were animal masks over their faces. They are based on the Ainu people of Japan.


The Oina have always lived in Kamui. They live in a village called Wep'keer, which is close to the Ezofuji mountains. Two hundred years ago, the Ark of Yamato crashed into Laochi Lake near Wep'Keer, releasing the many demons inside. Lechku and Nechku probably took the appearance of altar statues, until they came alive and were sealed away by a brave Oina hero. The Oina are also protectors of Yoshpet, the forest of deception.


Particular Oina involve in the game's story, which are: Oki, Kai, Samickle, Kemu, Tuskle, and Lika. The other Oina in Wep'Keer either provide information, sell items, or provide a small sidequest.


  • Drawing a circle around any Oina will transform them into their wolf forms.
  • The wolf forms of the Oina seem to reflect the character's appearance. Most of the males appear as large wolves, the merchants as fat wolves, females as small, thin wolves, children as wolf pups, and Kemu (the only elder) as a small, aged wolf. The wolves' fur color varies but depends on the character's clothes and hair color.
  • Never throughout the whole game will the player be able to see any of the Oina's faces.
  • It is unsure whether all Oina believe in Amaterasu as a god in the beginning, the exceptions being Kemu and Tuskle. They are mainly spiritual, since most of them say, "Spirits of the air, earth, and sea." However, being that the Ponc'tan is close by, they probably acknowledge the gods, but don't put much faith in them.
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