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Template:Project improve adTemplate:Bad cleanupTemplate:Race infoboxThe Oina tribe (オイナ族Template:? Oina-zoku) is the native tribe of the Kamui region of Nippon.


The Oina have always lived in Kamui. They live in a village called Wep'keer, which is close to the Ezofuji mountains. In their legends, a brave Oina hero sealed away the demonsLechku & Nechku when they awakened from their forms of altar statues. The Oina are also the protectors of Yoshpet- they crafted a seal that prevents entry from anyone without a special amulet, for their own protection and the forest's.

They also have a recurring ritual where they perform a sacred chant to the Ezofuji mountains so that they will erupt as volcanoes- if Ezofuji did not continue to erupt, Kamui would assuredly freeze over due to the constant frigid nature of the region.


  • The Oina is based on the Template:Wp of Northern Japan.
  • Drawing a circle (Bloom) around any Oina will transform them into their wolf forms or vice versa.
    • During certain animations, like when Samickle is trying to force the Wawku Shrine gate shut and when Kemu is trying to pray for the Shrine gate to shut, attempting to Bloom them into their wolf forms will not work.
  • The wolf forms of the Oina seem to reflect the character's appearance. Most of the males appear as large wolves, the merchants as fat wolves, females as small, thin wolves, children as wolf pups, and Kemu (the only elder) as a small, aged wolf. The wolves' fur color varies but depends on the character's clothes and hair color.
  • Never throughout the whole game will [[Amaterasu be able to see any of the Oina's faces.
  • It is unclear whether all Oina believe in Amaterasu as a god in the beginning, the exceptions being Kemu and Tuskle. They are mainly spiritual.
    • Later they all acknowledge her thanks to Issun and lend her Praise in the battle against Yami.
  • The word Oina is an Ainu word referring to shorter epic poems, chanted principally by women about the gods.
  • Kamui and Wep'keer are the very last overworld areas Amaterasu can visit in Ōkami before the Ark of Yamato.
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