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Template:OkamiCharacter Nuregami (濡神) is the Celestial Brush God of the Waterspout. She can be seen as a snake in a jar and her constellation is located at the Sasa Sanctuary.


Waterspout is the first of Amaterasu's "situational" powers, needing an external source of water. When the brush is over water, it emits blue Holy Smoke. By placing the brush over a source of water and drawing a line from it, Amaterasu can extinguish flaming treasure chests and neutralize demons of the fire element.

She can also draw a vertical line upward from a bubbling spring to erupt an elevator-like geyser. The geyser effect can also be produced from bubbling lava pools, although Amaterasu will need to equip the Fire Tablet to survive contact with the lava.

Waterspout has two possible upgrades, one removing the need for a water source. The other being an ability to use Mermaid Springs without paying a mermaid coin.


Ah... Amaterasu. Origin of all that is good and mother to us all...

I have remained hidden here, creeping along the water's surface.

I, Nuregami, god of water, am happy to bestow upon you my power.

Moisten the thirsty earth and restore the glory of nature!

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In Okamiden, a 'Young Nuregami' appears. It is unknown if she is a younger version of the original Nuregami, or is her daughter. She seems to serve the same purpose as her predecessor.

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