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North Ryoshima Coast (1)
Type Coastal area
Notable inhabitants Urashima
Enemies Guardians
Blue Cyclops
Fire Eye
Ice Mouth
Earth Nose
Demon Nut
Blue Imp
Items Treasures and items
Stray bead ×7
Appearances Ōkami
North Ryoshima Coast (「両島原北」?; Ryōshima-bara kita; northern twin islands' plain), also referred to as N. Ryoshima Coast or Northern Ryoshima Coast) is a location in Ōkami and Ōkamiden. One of the largest areas in the game to explore, it boasts a multitude of treasures and several islands, including one that holds the legendary Catcall Tower.

In Ōkamiden, North Ryoshima Coast has been completely taken over with machinery bent on excavating the Underground Ruins, a lost Moon Tribe base on Earth. Most of the area that was accessible in Ōkami is now unable to be explored, although part of the cliff has been cut into, making it an accessible area. This cliff leads to Sugawara's grave, which appeared in the game's intro when it was destroyed by dark spirits.


The mainland's most significant feature is Watcher's Cape, a set of ruins elevated on a plateau; the Watcher is an ordinary human who likes to watch the stars up there. There is also a bridge near the center of the area with an Ultimate Origin Mirror on one side and a merchant on the other. Chef Umi has a restaurant on the beach near Watcher's Cape, and Urashima and Mrs. Urashima live on another part of the beach. The last human on the mainland does not appear until a Devil gate is cleared, revealing a little girl who provides information about Catcall Tower.

The area boasts a much larger number of accessible islands than the southern coast. Many of these islands contain helpful things, including two Divine Springs for upgrades to secret Celestial Brush techniques; the largest island houses Catcall Tower. There is also a small "Rocky Area" that can only be reached with Mist Warp.


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Obtained items


Secret Celestial Brush techniques


North Ryoshima Coast

  • #60: Buried in a treasure chest near the destroyed staircase leading to Watcher's Cape.
  • #61: In the rocky area; use Mist Warp to reach it.
  • #62: Buried in a treasure chest near Yoichi.
  • #63: Buried in a treasure chest on the westernmost island.
  • #64: Found in a cave near Yoichi, its entrance is blocked and therefore requires Digging Champ to access.
  • #65: Obtained from Urashima after bringing the Treasure Box from the Dragon Palace to him.
  • #66: Obtained after clearing the Devil gate trial cave in the area.