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Gender Female
Race Mermaid
Appearances Ōkamiden
Background music Nanami's Theme

Nanami (「ナナミ」?) is a mermaid who is a royal vassal for Queen Otohime. She uses magic as her weapon. Nanami can swim to treasure chests since Chibiterasu, unlike Amaterasu, doesn't know how to swim. Nanami's and Chibiterasu's meetings are "effect before cause" because when Chibiterasu first meets Nanami, it is Chibiterasu's first meeting and Nanami's second meeting, but further in the game, when Chibiterasu goes back 9 months, it is Nanami's first meeting and Chibiterasu's second meeting. Nanami uses a fountain-like power that blasts enemies high into the air. Her two most treasured items are the Wet Jewel and the Dry Jewel, given to her by Otohime, which lend her power over the rising tides. She seems to wear these jewels to hold her hair up in two buns (as seen after Chibiterasu helps her regain possession of the jewels).


Nanami is a child mermaid with aqua-colored hair. Her hair is of medium length and appears to be composed entirely of water. When the Wet and Dry Jewels are in her possession, she ties her hair into two buns and attaches the Jewels to it. Her attire is a turtle shell-like chestplate, with several scale-like laces. She also wears bracelets on both wrists. It is debatable if the frills by her bracelets are her actual frills or ornaments.

Notably, Nanami is the only Dragonian in the entire series to be a mermaid, while the others have feet. she is also the only known Dragonian to have hair made entirely of water. She has two pairs of tangerine frills on her head, one pair that protrudes from the top of her head and another pair that hangs downwards just behind her ears. The frills on her hands are also tangerine, and are similar in appearance to dorsal fins. Just below her belly button is her mermaid tail, just as tangerine, slightly golden and as stout as Nanami herself.


Nanami (chronologically speaking) was a very high spirited mermaid when she met Chibiterasu. That time, Chibiterasu had not yet gone back in time to meet Nanami with Otohime. Nanami is considered as a very independent young mermaid, as she is also very responsible until she is very commited to retrieve back her lost Dry an Wet Jewels from Bullhead. In the past however,(chronologically when Chibiterasu went back in time) Nanami was being less upfront with Chibiterasu, since he had just instantly jump onto Nanami when he greets her.

Nanami is considered quite a girly girl, when Genji took her with him in the wild goose chase at Sage Shrine, she had done nothing to stop him until she went fed up when Genji keep flying her over and over around the place. 

Nanami, when caught by Kokari, was very mad at humans when Kokari actually threw her back into the waters until she got caught by the Witch Queen's lackeys (back then, Kokari was trying to use Nanami as a sacrifice for Bullhead as an attempt to cease the flood of Agata Forest).

Nanami is also known to be very appreciative towards treasured items. She treasured her Dry and Wet Jewel so much that she is very determined to take it back from Bullhead. She is respectful towards others' treasured items as well. Like after Kokari rescued Chibiterasu, Kuni and her using his fishing pole, it broke. At first, Nanami is still mad at Kokari for using her as sacrifice, but when Kuni tried to pity him for Kokari had to sacrifice his treasured fishing pole that Karude gave him, Nanami was surprised. Implying the fact that she care for someone's who treasured something so dear to themselves like her and her Dry and Wet Jewels.

Given the sensual way she poses when she gets on Chibiterasu (and the hearts that appear further illustrate that) it could be an implication that she has a sultry side.


Nanami WaterBlast

Nanami's partner assist, a damaging water blast.

As a mermaid who possesses the Wet and Dry Jewels, Nanami has the ability to generate small amount of water for Chibiterasu's Waterspout Celestial Brush technique. This allows Chibiterasu to put out fires and extinguish demons which are of the fire element, such as Fire Eyes.

In combat, Nanami uses magic as her weapon. After Chibiterasu completes a combo, Nanami will jump upwards and create a large splash of golden colored water around herself that deals damage to any adjacent demons. However, her magic attack may be easily disrupted since her combination attack has the smallest range and tendency to hit.

Nanami underwater Guidance

Nanami being guided underwater.

Since Nanami is a mermaid, she may be the only partner of Chibiterasu to move freely above or in the depths of water. Unlike Kurow who can only levitate on a horizontal axis, Nanami can swim deeper if the camera angle is correctly adjusted.


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  • "No way! I hate humans!"
  • "If only I have my Dry and Wet Jewels again..."
  • "Aw, Squiddy! Why would you go and leave me alone!?"
  • "Aw, Squiddy... you'll get lost if you don't have me with you"
  • "Hey, didn't you have something like this before?"
  • "Come here and let me hug you! I knew you'd get me out of there!"
  • "Kyaaah!"
  • "Squiddy, we have to go save him! Not all humans are selfish I guess. That little boy just taught me that. Come on, let's go! This time it's my turn to help him!"
  • "Give me that boy back right now!"
  • "Hold on! We'll be on dry land soon!"
  • "Thank you for all your help. I can never repay that."



  • Out of all of Chibiterasu's companions, Nanami travels with him for the least amount of time.
    • Yet, Nanami knew Chibiterasu the longest, that is; for nine months.
  • If the kana that forms Nanami's name are separated into "Na・nami", then her name would be (「七波」?; な-なみ・Na-nami; seven waves[1][2]).
  • Upon obtaining Tsumugari in the Five-Story Pagoda, Nanami would say that Chibiterasu had that once before, giving a much more detailed information that she had seen him with the Glaive.
  • Despite Nanami's Western-like mermaid appearance, Japanese folklore has their own mermaids called Ningyo (「人魚」?), which is also the Japanese name for mermaids in general.
  • The Dry and Wet Jewels are based off the kanju (「干珠」?) and manju (「満珠」?) respectively. They make up the Tide Jewels that are in the possession of the sea deity Ryūjin (「龍神」?) also known as Watatsumi (「綿津見」?), the character King Wada is based off of.