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Template:OkamiCharacter Nami was the sake brewer of Kamiki Village 100 Years Ago, and also Nagi's love interest. She is the chosen maiden who's house was marked by Orochi as a sacrifice, although Nagi defeated him and freed the village and all of Nippon from his rule, ruling her over.




When Amaterasu and Issun go through the Spirit Gate, they encounter Nami and see her chosen as the sacrifice. However, since they accidentally knocked out Nagi earlier, they have to dress him up as Nami by stealing her sacrificial robe while she is bathing. Amaterasu must go very slowly and carefully, otherwise Nami will spot her and summon help. After stealing the robe, they put it on the unconscious Nagi and take him to the Moon Cave, where they defeat Orochi. Nami herself is not seen for the rest of the Spirit Gate arc, but Nagi wears her outfit for the rest of the arc.


Nami reappears in Ōkamiden as Chibiterasu and Kurow follow Akuro into the past to stop him getting Orochi's blood.Template:Spoiler End


  • Although Nagi and Nami supposedly got married and had children, in the present day Kushi and Susano, who are descendants of Nami and Nagi respectively, appear but do not seem to be relatives.
  • The bottle of 8 Purification Sake Nami wears on her head resembles the Thunder Brew bottle. The arrow lodged in it has a sign with the mark of Moegami hanging from it.
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