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I'm actually an artist communing with nature on a deep level, man. I can hardly wait to start firing up some pots again!

Nameless Man

The Nameless Man lives on the west side of Shinshu Field near the entrance to Hana Valley.



When Amaterasu restores the Guardian Sapling of Shinshu Field and clears the Devil gate on the opposite river side of Nameless Man's home, his kiln will appear there. He is part of a sidequest for praise as each day, he will make a new vase that he will give to Amaterasu. Amaterasu must bite the vase and bring it to one of Shinshu Field's five Guardian Statues which will then give out Praise.


As Chibiterasu and Kuni prepares to enter Hana Valley, Nameless Man warns them against doing so, for the danger of the malevolent spirits that lurked within the valley. However, at the insistence of Chibiterasu and Kuni, he informed that the gates to the valley can be opened, but only with the strength of ten men.


The Nameless Man is good-natured, carefree, and is always willing to feed Amaterasu when she visits at night. He loves appreciating nature, cutting wood, and making pots and vases with his kiln. He also has strong faith in the god, evidenced by him being able to see demons infesting Hana Valley in both Ōkami and Ōkamiden.


  • Upon examination of the sign in front of Nameless Man's house, Issun will remark that his family has been protecting Hana Valley for generations[citation needed].

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