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Do you know what failure is, wolf? Well, let me tell you. It's another word for a success in the making! You just have to rise to the challenge and make it happen.


Naguri is a carpenter who lives in Sei'an City. He is renowned throughout Nippon for his skill.



Naguri is a master carpenter who Amaterasu must help in a digging minigame to unclog the canals of Sei' an City and restore the water.


In Ōkamiden, before moving to Yakushi Village, he sold his home at Sei'an City. At the new village, he constructed his own inn. Unlike before, he had took the Aspiring Carpenter (now called "Pupil") to work for him to build houses in Yakushi Village. He is a bit down when the inn he built hardly get any new customers.

If Chibiterasu is with Kagu, and they examine the back of Naguri's old house in Sei'an City Commoner's Quarter, it is explained that he left his house in a rush, without cleanig the piles of woodworks.


Naguri's Ōkamiden artwork.

Naguri is serious about everything he does. He is a straight talker and firm in the way he treats his apprentice. He believes that a good meal is key to doing one's job well. He also is very critical of his apprentice, criticizing him in every way.

Naguri appears as an elderly man with a white beard. He wears a hat that appears to be a model of one of Sei'an City's many large buildings.


  • Naguri's name comes from the Japanese place of the same name that is famous for it's woodwork and carpentry.
  • The tiered tower on his head is a pagoda (「仏塔」?; buttō), a Buddhist building which houses relics and sacred writings.

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