Thanks to you, my son Mushi's misbehavin' again. Nothin' that a bit of thumpin' won't sort out, though!

Mushi's Mama

Mushi's Mother is the mother of Mushi and resides in Kamiki Village. She grows turnips, which Mushi and Hayabusa enjoy digging up. Mushi's mama is usually found near her turnip garden. She is found wearing a blue robe with a brown pot filled with water being carried on her long, black hair. She also is barefooted and adorns a small apron around her waist. She has rosy cheeks, a red nose, pale skin, and is overall, somewhat chubby.



Mushi's mom tends to her turnip garden. In a sidequest, Mushi will challenge Amaterasu to try to dig up more turnips than his Hayabusa did. If attempted, then Mushi's mama will proceed to try and hit Amaterasu, but with the help of Amaterasu's Celestial Brush techniques, she can easily dig ten turnips before getting hit.



Mushi's Mama in Ōkamiden.

Mushi's Mama now uses a scarecrow to keep her turnips safe. At one point the scarecrow is destroyed by Green Imps and Chibiterasu has to fix it with the recently-acquired Rejuvenation Celestial Brush technique. After that, she shows gratitude and provides the first Praise Chibiterasu gains.

She still threatens anyone who digs up her field, although this does not refer to Chibiterasu, as he is unable to dig.


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