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Moonlight can be a real nuisance for us, you know. It seems to give us strange powers and makes us show our true colors. So it makes it hard to keep up a pretense of normal life. And we get so hungry on nights like that, too.

Mrs. Cutter

The Cutters are a notoriously unfriendly couple living in Taka Pass, later killed and portrayed by demons. Amaterasu encountered them while looking for Chun, the daughter of the head of the Sparrow Clan. After being dragged into moonlight by knocking a hole in their roof (by destroying a patched-over area with a Cherry Bomb), they would change into their true forms, Crow Tengu.

If Amaterasu went into the boundaries of their home before their defeat, one of them (which one depends on how close Amaterasu was to completing Chun's rescue; eventually neither of them will be outside) would be in the yard and attempt to attack her by using their weapon (Mrs. Cutter's cleaver or Mr. Cutter's cane). They could be stunned by Power Slash or Cherry Bomb, blinded with ink or knocked down with a headbutt, but they could not be properly defeated. It was revealed that they captured Chun and planned to eat her. They also had eaten several people and creatures prior to Chun's, including the real Mr. and Mrs. Cutters, evidenced by the graves beside their house. Before their defeat, the sky above their house was similar to to a cursed zone, but cleared up after their defeat. After this point, the Crow Tengu can be fought as normal demons.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Cutters are based on old couple of the Japanese tale Shita-kiri Suzume, though in the game, both of them were evil and wanted to eat Chun.
  • The Cutters have a blade motif, which is visible on their house, Mr. Cutter's mustache and Mrs. Cutter's hairpin.
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