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Mr. Orange
Village Elder Mr. Orange
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Kamiki Village
Family Mrs. Orange (wife)
Appearances Ōkami
Well white one, I respect animals and their customs, but anyone who causes trouble in this village shall be dealt with harshly.

—Mr. Orange

Mr. Orange (「長老ミカン爺」?; Chōrō Mikan-jiji) is the elder of Kamiki Village. He is the husband of Mrs. Orange.


Mr. Orange is known for his signature orange on the top of his head, hence the name, Mr. Orange. He, at his old age, has a bald head and a long, white beard. He also dons a blue robe and carries a wooden staff to support his frail old self. Also, he has a rope tied around his neck, significantly resembling a shimenawa with two shide on the sides of the central knot.


Mr. Orange is a mostly gentle old man. He enjoys sake, despite that he claims he doesn't drink. He has a talent for dancing, even creating the Konohana Shuffle to revitalize Konohana (along with Sakuya). He shows concern for all the villagers, especially towards Kushi when she was chosen as Orochi's sacrifice. He also shows that he has little tolerance for foolishness, Susano usually the one to take the scorn. Unfortunately, he lacks faith in the gods since he sees Amaterasu as a normal white wolf.


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  • "*Mumble mumble mumble* Oh Konohana, my beautiful blossom, how about a date sometime?"
  • "It's a-a w-white wolf!"



  • When he is performing the Konohana Shuffle, he makes a pose similar to Viewtiful Joe, after his battle against Alastor in Viewtiful Joe. Viewtiful Joe is also a game series of Capcom.
  • It was hinted that he had a crush on Sakuya. As after blooming Konohana, he fell asleep. If Amaterasu listens to him when he sleeps, it is heard that he may ask Sakuya out on a date[1].
    • It is also important to mention that after hearing that quote, Issun will pretend that he had never heard that[2].
  • When encountering Amaterasu and Chibiterasu(before becoming fond of them), Mr. Orange is very surprised to see a white wolf. He kept mentioning them as Shiranui, only that("quite impossible" for Amaterasu for Shiranui couldn't live more than 100 years and "Shiranui wasn't this small, was he?" to imply size difference). When he does, he may shadowpunches them, seemingly scared and frightened.
  • The tied rope aroud his neck is a shimenawa (注連縄), a ritual Shinto rope normally used to purify places.
  • The dance he performs is linked to the traditional Shinto dance, Kagura.
    • Hence, the Konohana Shuffle he performed is in a simultaneous synchronization with the True Kagura soundtrack.


  1. "*mumble mumble mumble* Oh Konohana, my beautiful blossom, how about a date sometime?"—Mr. Orange (Ōkami)
  2. "I will pretend I never heard that"—Issun (Ōkami)