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Mr. Grapefruit
Mr Grape
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Kamiki Village (100 years ago)
Family Mrs. Grapefruit (wife)
Appearances Ōkami

Mr. Grapefruit (「ハッサク爺」?; Hassaku-jī) is an old man who lives in the century-past Kamiki Village, during the era of Nagi. He was the village elder during that time, and was succeeded by Mr. Orange in the present. Like the other villagers, Mr. Grapefruit loathed and feared the dreaded Orochi, who had been terrorizing the village for one hundred years. He wants nothing more than to have Orochi's curse be lifted from the village, and so tends to Konohana everyday in hopes that it will drive away Orochi and his minions.


Mr. Grapefruit bears many similarities to his present counterpart, Mr. Orange. He wears tan clothes with a brown necklace. Unlike Mr. Orange, who is bald, Mr. Grapefruit has hair that is tied up into two buns, similar to Mushi. Finally, he carries a grapefruit on his head (hence his name) rather than an orange.


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  • In Ōkamiden, Mr. Grapefruit's name is shortened to "Mr. Fruit".
    • Likewise, his wife's name is shortened to "Mrs. Fruit".
  • In Ōkami, if Amaterasu enters Mr. Grapefruit's house after Orochi marks the house of Nami for her to be sacrificed, he will attempt to attack her while Mrs. Grapefruit flees.
  • Although Mr. Grapefruit and his wife are based around their signature fruit, Power Slashing the fruit on their roof will still yield Kamiki Oranges.