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Oh... Those cherry blossoms I so lovingly tended to... It breaks my heart to see them all withered like that!

Mr. Flower

Mr. Flower is a resident of Sei'an City. He helps the player bloom cursed cherry blossoms by dancing, but is only able to do so after all normal cherry blossom trees in Sei'an City have been bloomed. When all cherry blossoms are restored, he performs the Gura Shuffle to revive all other cursed cherry blossoms in the city and returns the city to its former glory.


  • The character is taken from the folk tale of Hanasaka Jiisan.
  • His name is beta was Mr. Blossom but Blossom was later replaced with Flower.
  • Upon meeting Mr. Flower, he will mention that he learned the Gura Shuffle by a "certain flower dance master"[citation needed], who may be Mr. Orange.

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