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Mr. Bamboo
Mr Bamboo
Craftsman Mr. Bamboo
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Kusa Village
Family Kaguya (adoptive daughter)
Appearances Ōkami
I'm a craftsman and I work with bamboo as you can see. But I can't get any to work on right now. Oh, I shouldn't burden you with my problems, wolfy...

—Mr. Bamboo

Mr. Bamboo (「竹取翁」?; Taketori no okina) is a bamboo maker who resides in Kusa Village. He was married until his wife passed away, and is the adoptive grandfather of Kaguya.


Mr. Bamboo has an old, elderly appearance, sporting a bald head albeit with white hair on his sideburns and the back side of his head. He also has white eyebrows, a long chin, and a short height. He wears a green kimono with a small orange vest and carries a bamboo tube on his back, which reacts to underground sources. He also carries around a bamboo cane.


Mr. Bamboo is a kind, elderly person, and he cares for almost everyone he meets, most notably caring deeply for Kaguya, saying that she's his "most precious grandchild", even if there is no relation between him and Kaguya. In the scene when she flies away in her rocket, a tear can be seen falling from his eye. He is, at first, very sad when she's gone. However, he wants to create a "bamboo palace" for Kaguya when she returns, showing that he's optimistic that she'll be back.


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  • "You are my dearest, most precious grandchild."
  • "Ho, so that wolf was a god? Perhaps I should have made an offering of my bamboo ware. It may be my fault that the sun has ceased to shine."