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Template:OkamiRace The Moon Tribe is a species of humanoids who lived on the Moon. The Moon Tribe was very technologically advanced, and they are also said to have the gift of clairvoyance. Kaguya and Waka are the only known members of this race still living, while a fourth member called Sugawara died sometime before the events of Ōkamiden and Kurow who died fulfilling his task at the end of the game. They constructed the Ark of Yamato and seem to have a link to the demons within, especially Yami. Some artifacts of this race were recovered by Amaterasu during her travels through Nippon. Chibiterasu also had some interaction with the relics of this race.


All the members who appear in the games have very long, golden hair, as well as dot-markings above their brow. It is not specified if these features are shared among all of the Moon Tribe. All members that have been seen wore pink clothing.




The Moon Tribe once lived on the Moon, and were very advanced, with technology millenia ahead of that on the mortal plain. However, an unspecified catastrophe occurred, which wiped out the Moon Tribe. Only four members survived: Kaguya, an infant Moon Tribe girl who was placed in a rocket and sent to the mortal plain, Waka, a male member of the tribe who fled to the Celestial Plain in the Ark of Yamato, Kurow, a boy who crashed into the Underground Ruins in North Ryoshima Coast (who was actually a copy Waka created of himself), and Sugawara, a city politician who died full of resent and grief following major political in-fighting. Waka would later flee in the ark to the mortal plain when Orochi attacked the Celestial Plain, inadvertently killing all the surviving Celestials when they were ambushed by the demons in the ark. At the current time, Waka and Kaguya are the only known surviving members of the Moon Tribe.


The Moon Tribe is never present as a whole, but their presence is felt and the four surviving members are all important during Amaterasu and Chibiterasu's adventures in Nippon. Waka is met several times during his journey to find the Ark of Yamato and return to the Celestial Plain with Amaterasu, and is extremely important in the plot. Amaterasu also meets Kaguya and helps her unearth the rocket she used to reach the mortal realm. Kurow is one of Chibiterasu's partners throughout Ōkamiden, and also one of the game's most important characters. Sugawara, known as King Fury while possessed by a demon, serves as a major antagonist as well as one of the bosses in Ōkamiden.

The Fire Tablet, Water Tablet, Gimmick Gear and presumably Waka's gear are all Moon Tribe artifacts.

In the end, Kaguya uses her rocket to return to the moon to search for her birthplace and to unravel the mysteries surrounding her past, and Waka accompanies Amaterasu back to the Celestial Plain.


In Ōkamiden, Kurow perishes after he willingly lets Akuro use him as a vessel and begs Chibiterasu to kill him. Sugawara's soul is put to rest following the fight with King Fury. Template:Spoiler End

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