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Moon Cave (5)
Type Dungeon
Notable inhabitants Moegami (imprisoned)
True Orochi
Enemies Imps
Fire Eyes
Ice Mouths
Items Tsumugari
Appearances Ōkami
Background music Izayoi Shrine
Connecting locations

Shinshu Field
Calcified caverns (sub-location)

The Moon Cave (「十六夜の祠」?; Izayoi no hokora; shrine of the sixteenth-night moon[1][2]) is the residence of Orochi and True Orochi before its defeat, and is one of the most important locations of both Ōkami and Ōkamiden.


The Moon Cave is a large cave in the middle of Shinshu Field. The cave is of a moderate size normally, but grows as big as a mountain when Orochi returns (fulfilling the literal meaning of the demon's name[3]). The archway over the main entrance was destroyed by Orochi. The first room of the cave contains stairs leading directly to Orochi's lair, but Orochi destroys these, so the only way to the lair is via an elevator in an imp base in the caverns below the cave. The imps seem to have taken advantage of the naturally-formed caves beneath the Moon Cave to construct a large base for themselves, containing a kitchen for preparing Orochi's meals and appetizer for his sacrifice, a room filled with sand, a cannon and much more. There are five floors of the base. Orochi's lair is located on the top floor. One elevator runs through the three main floors of the whole base, and another connects the bottom and ground floors. There is also a frozen statue of Moegami here, which is imprisoning the actual Celestial Brush god. Once Moegami is freed, he grants Amaterasu Inferno, which is needed to progress in some areas of the dungeon.

The Moon Cave has only one entrance. It contains the aforementioned imp base and Orochi's main lair. The cave is a single-tour area and can be accessed only once (not including when Amaterasu enters it in the past after going through the Spirit Gate.


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Obtained items

Divine Instruments

Celestial Brush techniques


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  3. "No other monsters inspire the awe than this giant serpent demands.
    It has eight heads, eight tails, terrifying red eyes burning with rage and an
    underbelly scraped bloody and raw. All on a body large enough to grow
    trees on. This is the legendary Orochi, said to be fond of drink.
    Behold, O (mountain) RO (of) CHI (dark spirits)! OROCHI!
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