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The Molsters are a group of moles who control all the territory beneath Taka Pass.[1] The group is made up of four moles, all called Lil' Moley and their leader Moley. They can be found in a circle of holes near Mr. and Mrs. Cutter's house. All members, other than Moley, dress the same, albeit with different kanji on their shirts. The kanji represents the numbers one to four and each member has a different number.



The Molsters were a small group of Moles who lived beneath Taka Pass. The members were all fiercely loyal to their leader, Moley and were prepared to risk their own safety to make him happy.[2] Moley grew lonely as no one ever came to visit him. He and the Molsters began causing mischief in Taka Pass to get people's attention.[3] Shortly before Amaterasu and Issun arrived in Taka Pass, the Molsters stole the Golden Teacup from the Tea Master.[4]


Amaterasu first heard of the Molsters from the Tea Master who told her about them stealing his Golden Teacup. After clearing the Cursed zone in Taka Pass, Amaterasu and Issun met the Molsters. Moley confronted the pair, he scolded them for entering the Molsters' territory.[5] Moley told them that they would have to make up for their indiscretion by giving him their yen.[6] It was then that Issun realized that they were just a band of thieves and suggested that he and Amaterasu should teach them a lesson. Moley laughed at Issun's threat and ordered the Molsters to use their special dust cloud formation.[7] The moles ducked down into the ground and moved between the holes, popping up to hit Amaterasu. Amaterasu ran around trying to find Moley.

Amaterasu headbutts Moley.

Amaterasu headbutted the Molster leader three times, much to his confusion and frustration.[8] Issun lectured the Molsters and told them that he expected them to stop their wrongdoing,[9] but Moley said that he knew that what they were doing was wrong and that he just wanted to get people's attention.[10] Moley asked Amaterasu to be his friend and gave her the Golden Teacup. He began to cry and returned underground to hide his feelings but not before asking Amaterasu to visit him sometime.[11]

Moley would find many treasures beneath Taka Pass, which he would give to Amaterasu if she beat the Molsters in a game of the Molster dust cloud formation during her visits. He was always happy to see Amaterasu and no longer caused mischief in Taka Pass.[12]



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