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Appearances Ōkami
Location Taka Pass
Leader Moley
Members Lil' Moley
All of the territory beneath Taka Pass is under our control. We can't just allow people to come wandering in as they please. How are we supposed to relax with intruders like you around?


The Molsters (「土竜愚連隊」?; Mogura gurentai; lit. "Mole gang of young toughs") are a group of moles who control all the territory beneath Taka Pass[1]. The group is made up of four moles, all called Lil' Moley (「コツチ」?; Kotsuchi) and their leader Moley (「オオツチ」?; Ōtsuchi). They can be found in a circle of holes near Mr. and Mrs. Cutter's house. All members, other than Moley, dress the same, albeit with different kanji on their shirts. The kanji represents the numbers one to four and each member has a different number.


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  1. "All of the territory beneath Taka Pass is under our control."—Moley (Ōkami)
  2. "Gurgh! We have to protect the boss!"—Lil' Moley (Ōkami)
  3. "It's just that...Well, I was lonely. No matter how long I wait down here, no one comes to see me. That's why I behaved the way I did."—Moley (Ōkami)
  4. "It should be business as usual again now. But those mischievous moles took my most precious of possessions. I can't possibly work without my beloved Teacup!"—Tea Master (Ōkami)
  5. "How dare you walk around our turf without permission!? I won't let you get away with it!"—Moley (Ōkami)
  6. "I'll have to get you to leave some of that behind to make up for it. You know what I mean. That gold-colored thing used in shops!"—Moley (Ōkami)
  7. "Huh huh huh. You've got some nerve. Fine! If that's the way you want it. You'll regret this! Come on, men! Molsters! The special dust cloud formation!"—Moley (Ōkami)
  8. "Yurgh! I don't understand it! How do you manage to stand up to our special dust cloud trick?"—Moley (Ōkami)
  9. "Don't mess with the gods, fur face! Crime doesn't pay, remember that! I expect you guys to stay on the straight and narrow now!"—Issun (Ōkami)
  10. "I do know the difference between right and wrong. It's just that...Well, I was lonely. No matter how long I wait down here, no one comes to see me. That's why I behaved the way I did. I just wanted to get your attention, that's all. Please, white doggy! Will you be my friend? I promise I'll behave myself from now on. Honest! You're just what I need, doggy. If you stay, then I won't have to be lonely anymore!"—Moley (Ōkami)
  11. "I know I shouldn't show my feelings like this. I'll go back underground now and shed my tears in private. I suppose it's goodbye, then. Come back and visit soon, won't you, doggy?"—Moley (Ōkami)
  12. "Yurgh! You're really amazing, doggy! You've got such enthusiasm when you tackle me like that! It's a real inspiration, you know! Thanks for playing with me. Here, have this thing I dug up."—Moley (Ōkami)