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Ah... Amaterasu. Origin of all that is good and mother to us all... Sealed away by the dark forces, I have spent years in this cave. Time passed, but I was unable to make my way to freedom. But now, your power has lifted the curse that plagued me. I, Moegami, god of flames, lend you my power. Burn a new source of light into the obscuring darkness!


Moegami is the Celestial Brush god of Inferno. He is a phoenix whose constellation can be found in the Moon Cave. Although he is portrayed as a phoenix, he represents the rooster in the East Asia zodiac.


Moegami is a white phoenix with red feathers on his very long tail, face and wings. His legs and claws are both white, as are the feathers above his legs. His crest, while reminiscent of a rooster's, also bear resemblances to a burning fire. These traits give Moegami a strong similarity to a rooster, fitting for his place as the animal on the East Asian zodiac. He also carries a a Japanese smoking pipe (「煙管」?; kiseru) made of lacquered wood, capped with brass on both ends, and has oil paint decorations of a burning fire and a spiraling gust of wind.

Young Moegami is a small phoenix that is more reminiscent of a newly-hatched chicken. His main body, tiny feet and beak are white, while his small wings, crest and markings are red. He carries the same kiseru as Moegami himself, despite showing difficulty in lifting the object.


Inferno allows Amaterasu to draw lines of fire from existing flames to almost any object. At first, a fire source is needed, however, later she can use Fireburst to summon flames at will. Fireburst, Inferno's upgrade, is activated by drawing ∞ (the infinity symbol), resulting in a ball of flame which incinerate anything in its terrific, yet mostly not visible radius.


  • "Moe" is derived from "Moeru" (「燃」?; to burn[1]).
  • Aside from the fact that Moegami represents the rooster in the East Asia Zodiac, he is instead most likely to be a hybrid of a forest fowl and an albatross for his extended wingspan. His tail is also unusually long, similar to those of the Onagadori chickens, a Japanese breed of chickens. While Moegami are closely related to the phoenix, their appearance may have been altered from the angelic-like chicken, the Serama chickens which have an unusually regal-shaped body and stands like a human. Their tail and wings exceeds their body size, which may exceeds twice their size.
  • Due to Moegami portraying features similar to both the phoenix and a rooster, this could be seen as a reference to how sometimes the phoenix replaces the rooster in the Chinese zodiac. This is why the phoenix is sometimes called "Kūnjī" (「鶤雞」; august rooster).