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I was taught that when you try to do something well, you don't do it to be praised by others. You do it to challenge yourself!


Miya is a Poncle who appears in Ōkami. She lives in Ponc'tan and is trained to be a Celestial Envoy by Ishaku. She appears to be a close friend of Issun, as she is the only one to come out of the village and speak with him prior to his and Amaterasu's departure for the Spirit Gate.



Miya has lived in Ponc'tan all her life. She developed a particular bond with Issun, who was widely considered to be the best artist in the village following in his grandfather's footsteps. One day, however, Issun became fed up with his grandfather's strict attitude, and so fled Ponc'tan, leaving Miya and the other Poncles wondering if he would ever return.


A year later, Amaterasu visits Ponc'tan while searching for the lost Oina girl Lika. One of the Poncles she visits is Miya, who informs her that she saw an Oina girl wandering to the Spirit Gate. Miya decided to follow the girl because she was worried about her. She witnessed the opening of the Spirit Gate for herself, as well as the Oina girl walking into it as if she was in a trance. With this information in mind, Amaterasu decides to head for the Spirit Gate, thinking the girl must be Lika.

Right before she and Issun begin to depart, Miya appears outside the village to confront Issun. She asks him why he will not enter the village, then deduces that it is because Issun does not want to see his grandfather. When Issun harshly shuts her down, Miya worries that he had abandoned his duties to become a Celestial Envoy, a position everyone in the village knew he would one day achieve. She is left heartbroken at Issun's final decision as he and Amaterasu leave for the Spirit Gate.


  • Miya's Japanese name, "Miyabi" is an uncommon name, having three readings, in kanji, hiragana and katakana respectively, 雅日, みやび and ミヤビ.
    • In modern Japanese, the word is usually translated as "elegance," "refinement," or "courtliness" and sometimes refers to a "heart-breaker".
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