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Miko Cho
Miko cho
Gender Female
Race Human
Location Sei'an City (Aristocratic Quarter)
Appearances Ōkamiden
This is Miko Cho from Himiko Shrine-- the leader of all the Miko! She protects the city now that Queen Himiko is gone.


Miko Cho (「巫女長」?; Miko chō) is a woman in Ōkamiden. She is the leader of all Miko, or humans that have attained significant spiritual powers, and is Sei'an City's current protector after the late Queen Himiko.


Miko Cho wears a long, golden kimono with a light blue okumi and cuffs, along with a traditional headdress with a long, silky veil along the back. She also wears a necklace with a green magatama, seemingly made of jade.


Miko Cho is a kindhearted, positive, and encouraging person, and currently trains promising children with the potential to become Miko.


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  • "I was looking forward to taking in a play. I wasn't paying attention and they stole my Miko powers from me."
  • "But Kagu, you..."
  • "This won't be easy..."
  • "Be careful, Kagu."


  • According to Samurai Dandy[1], due to the political position and importance of miko, some of them have the possibility to be enthroned as the new queen of Sei'an City. Also, if this happens, then the Tao Troopers will be back in activity, because then there will be a person whom the special operatives serve to.


  1. "This is just a rumor, mind you... I've heard some Miko in training might ascend to the throne. If that happens, then the Tao Troopers will come back too... Don't tell anyone I told you, OK?"—Samurai Dandy (Ōkamiden)