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O Child of the Great Sun! We are the Young Michigami, born to the Spirit of the Brush. Nine moons ago your mother, the great goddess Amaterasu... fought and bested the evil darkness that was Yami. This upset the balance of light and dark, and the elder's were lost. But a new guard was then born of which we are but a part. We see your heart and recognize that it resonates with ours. You now have the power to guide those who are pure of heart!

Young Michigami, Ōkamiden
Michigami is a Celestial Brush god introduced in Ōkamiden. He is an old penguin with slight designs of owls (having manes) accompanied by three baby penguins who are his children. Not much is known about him other than that he teaches Chibiterasu the Celestial Brush technique of Guidance, the ability to draw paths that his partner will follow. Unlike other techniques, Michigami's does not produce Holy smoke in areas it can be used. Instead, in such areas, the ink turns red.


  • "Michigami" means "divine guidance".[1] This name is based on the Celestial Brush technique of Guidance that Michigami grants to Chibiterasu.
  • Michigami's design model is possibly the Rockhopper Penguin (Eudyptes chrysocome)


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