Lucky Coin icon.png In Ōkamiden, the Lucky Coin is a Key Item that Chibiterasu obtains in order to upgrade his Divine Instruments. When they are taken to the blacksmith in Yakushi Village, he increases the available upgrades for Divine Instruments, though you must still exchange Demon Skins, Bones, and Livers in order to receive an upgrade.


  • Yakushi Village: Save the injured crane near the entrance to Agata Forest. A woman in Yakushi Village will say she knew the crane and will tell Chibiterasu she has a present for him, but to not go upstairs before she is ready. If Chibiterasu follows anyway, she will turn into a crane and fly away. If he waits and returns later on in the game, he will receive a Lucky Coin.
  • Five-Story Pagoda: On the third floor, in the upper right of the fourth room.
  • Playhouse: On the second floor, near the stairs in the fourth room.
  • Underground Ruins: Found where there is a fan on the left ledge in the second area on the floor below basement 6. There is a Demon Scroll where two Gashadokuro can be fought on the floor where the entrance to the boss room is. Defeating both of them will drop a Lucky Coin along with the yen.
  • Goryeo: In the fourth area behind a wall under the decks via using a cannon.
  • Moon Cave (9 months ago): On the first floor, in the treasure room.
  • Shinshu Field (100 years ago): Behind a bombable wall on the left of the circle of rocks and red spiral near the entrance to Kamiki Village.
  • Ice Room: In the fourth room of the upper level, in the room featuring many cannons on the upper right ice floe. It can only be reached with the use of cannons.
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