The Lockjaw (「錠前お化け」?; Jōmae obake; haunted lock) is a small one-eyed demon, guarding a specific locked door. It is harmless, but cannot be damaged by normal means. To destroy a Lockjaw, an Exorcism Key (an Exorcism Arrow tied to a key) must be found and embedded into its eye. The Lockjaw's mouth then opens and it explodes, taking the door with it. Attempting to attack the Lockjaw with a Power Slash or a headbutt will cause it to laugh and stick its tongue out. Other attacks don't do anything to it. It appears that they know their weakness and are afraid of the door keys, as when Amaterasu walks towards them with a key in her mouth, they begin to express fear and shake.


Throughout Ōkami, Amaterasu encounters a number of Lockjaws. The cycloptic monsters can be found in the following places:

  1. Tsuta Ruins
  2. Gale Shrine x2
  3. Imperial Palace (miniature dungeon)
  4. Inside the Water Dragon
  5. Oni Island x4
  6. Wawku Shrine x2


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