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On the PlayStation 2 version of Ōkami, the Loading screens provide the player with the chance to earn bonus Demon Fangs. There are two variations of the loading screen, each depending on how the screen is shown.

On screens with paw prints appearing along the bottom of the screen with Issun's silhouette at the end, tap X in time with the paws that appear (making them larger). Successfully timing a press with each paw print leads to Issun's image appearing as a Demon Fang.

On blank load screens, mash X rapidly to fill the screen with 50 prints to earn a Demon Fang.

These Loading Screens mini games were removed in the Wii version due to faster load times, meaning that the only way to earn Demon Fangs in that version is by Floral Finishers. The minigame is also not available on the PlayStation3's Ōkami HD. They were added back with the release of the Steam (PC), PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of the game, and can be enabled within the Options Menu in Original Settings.


The two different methods of obtaining Demon Fangs