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Lika has gained spiritual power far beyond my own. Her power is now the key to saving the land of Kamui!

Lika (「」?) is an Oina found in Wep'keer. She is also Kai's younger sister.



Upon meeting Kemu, Amaterasu was told that Lika had gone missing, and that she held the fate of Wep'keer in her hands. This was not an exaggeration (contrary to Issun's initial response), as Lika was the only one capable of performing the Volcanic Incantation, a sacred annual ritual to make Ezofuji erupt, as Kemu had become too weak to do so. Having been searched for everywhere else, Lika was found inside the Spirit Gate as True Orochi's replacement sacrifice for Nami, after being lured in there by two evil owls from sleepwalking[citation needed]. After True Orochi's defeat, Lika was taken back to Wep'keer, only to found out that all of the village's residents had gathered at the gate to Wawku Shrine. Amaterasu left Lika at the gate, which then Tuskle took her down to the altar of Ezofuji to begin the Volcanic Incantation. Later, after the defeat of both Lechku and Nechku, the Incantation was completed and the blizzard was lifted from Kamui.


Kai and Lika concept art.png

She is a young member of the Oina Tribe and sports a butterbur leaf mask. In her wolf form, she is a green wolf puppy with long black-tipped fur behind her ears, her necklace, and her mask on her forehead.She is also stated to have very great spiritual powers, one of the reasons why she was taught the Volcano Incantation and could perform it.


Lika in her wolf form.


Lika's Japanese name, Pirika, is the name of a popular Ainu song that is even taught in school.