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Laochi Lake (4)
Type Open area
Notable inhabitants Tuskle
Items Various treasures
Sun Fragment
Stray bead ×4
Appearances Ōkami
Connecting locations

Kamui (Ezofuji)

Wawku Shrine
Ark of Yamato

Laochi Lake (「ラヨチ湖」?; Rayochi-ko), also known as the Lake of Demons[Citation needed], is where the Ark of Yamato crash landed into Nippon years ago. It is a perpetually frozen lake, keeping the ark encased in its ice.


Laochi Lake lies in a deep valley formed by the mountain ranges of Ezofuji surrounding the lake. There is a path leading from Wep'keer to the lake, but since Wep'keer has a lower elevation than the lake, Laochi Lake is like a plateau in the bottom of a valley. On the shore of the lake is a pedestal where Kutone is enshrined, but during most of Ōkami's events, the sword is held by Oki and will only be returned near the end. On the shore of the lake is a sloped path that lead onto the cliff and to the gates of Wawku Shrine and Tuskle's hut.

There are rumors that demons still rise from Laochi Lake's depths, most likely from the Ark of Yamato, thus giving it the name "The Lake of Demons." Because of the lake's close association with the Ark of Yamato, it is seen as the root of evil in the world. Yet, despite its infamous past, it is still considered a holy place for the Oina of Wep'keer due to the legends of all life in Nippon having originated from the north.

The Ark of Yamato lies encased in the lake's ice. The ark can not be accessed until Amaterasu defeats Lechku & Nechku and Kutone was returned to its pedestal.


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Obtained items


Stray Beads

  • #84: On an alcove of rocks to the right of the cliffs surrounding Laochi Lake.
  • #85: Atop a series of ledges on the cliffs on the far side of the lake. Reached via Vine.
  • #86: In the rock spot on the same series of ledges, dug up with Digging Champ.
  • #87: In the rocky area reached via Mist Warp.


  • Laochi or rayochi (「ラヨチ」?) means "rainbow" in the Ainu language.[1] Rainbows are seen as inauspicious symbols by the Ainu people.