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Sake Brewer Kushi
Gender Female
Race Human
Location Kamiki Village
Family Kuni (adopted son)
Susano (husband)
Appearances Ōkami
Background music To Believe In
Kushinada's Determination
Giving Kushinada A Ride
Kushinada's Crisis
Brewing sake is my whole life, you know. One day I'll produce sake that'll be remembered in legend forever!


Kushi(「クシナダ」?; Kushinada) is the rice-growing, sake-brewing young woman living in Kamiki Village. She is very gentle and soft-spoken, for the most part, and is the first true human friend to Amaterasu. She is the wife of Susano and later adopted a son named Kuni.


Kushi Artwork

Kushi's Ōkamiden artwork

Kushi wears a yellow and red kimono patterned with rice grains on the sleeves, as well as a red hakama, presumably to keep her kimono clean as she works to make sake. Her long kimono sleeves are tied at the bottoms for the same reason. She wears three bales of rice on her head to mark her status as a sake maker.

When she is selected as Orochi's sacrifice victim, she wears a white and light blue formal funeral kimono to the battle.


Kind-hearted and good natured, she is one of the first characters Amaterasu meets on her journey, and is one of the first residents of the village to be openly kind to the white wolf and her companion Issun; often, if Amaterasu comes near her while she works in her rice paddy, she will stop and run forward to give Amaterasu a few scratches of affection. Kushi is also remarkably patient, willing to put up with Susano's antics; she is the only one not angered with him when he drinks all her sake and doesn't complain when he leaves her to carry the extraordinarily heavy sacred water barrel back to Kamiki from Agata Forest[1]. Kushi also a person of strong faith, believing firmly in the gods. It is revealed after Orochi's defeat that she was one of the few who could see Amaterasu's divine markings almost from the beginning, after the sun goddess fixes her broken mill wheel.


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  • In Shinto legends, Kushinadahime (櫛名田比売 or 奇稲田姫) is a girl intended to be sacrificed to Yamata-no-Orochi but was saved by Susanoo, who turned her into a comb which he hid in his own hair. Because of this legend, Kushi's hairstyle in the game is designed to look like a traditional Japanese comb.
  • It is possible that Kushi had been pregnant for a whole 8 to 9 months, because her stomach was distended at the end of Ōkamiden.


  1. "It's OK. I think he's busy with other things. There's no need to bother him with this. I'm sure I can manage on my own from here, anyway."—Kushi (Ōkami)